• Croatia : The children of the class ... and the teacher!


    Hi, my name is Leona Kovačić. I am 11 years old. I have one dog and his name is Munja. My parents are called Željko and Jelena, I have a sister Nika who is 16. I like to spend time in nature.


    Hello!My name is Ariana Košćak .I live in Croatia with my parents.Sadly i dont have siblings,but i do have a dog.Her name is Bassi ,she is one year and a few months old.She is brown,black and white,she also has got long ears.She likes to eat and sleep,but sometimes she has a lot of energy.My mom's name is Carolina,she is 40 years old,she has got dark,medium of length hair and green eyes.My dad's name is Davor,he is 36 years old,but soon he will be 37 years old.He has short,black hair and brown eyes.And me?I am ten years old.I have got fair,medium of length hair and brown eyes.I really like to dance and play with my friends.Byee


    My name is Adela Šprem.

    I'm 11 years old.

    I live in Sračinec with my family:mother Marija,brother Emanuel and grandfather Josip.

    My mom is 40 years old.She is short.She has got blond ,short and stragit hair.She has got green eyes.

    My brother is 17 years old.He has got short,brown and wavy hair.He is the European Boxing Champion.He is tall and strong.He has got blue eyes.

    My hobby is gymnastic.I train gymnastic for 6 years.

    I have cat,her name is Maza.She is orange,white and black colour.She is 3 years old.

    I'm going to the 5th class.
    I love online games.


    Hello. My name is Mateo Pecik and I am 11 years old. I am from Croatia and I live in Sračinec where I go in the sixth grade of elementary school. Sračinec is a village in Varaždin county and it is only 5 km away from city Varaždin. I live in big house with my parents,Marina and Marko, sister Mirta and grandparents so we are one big extended family. I have also 2 pets-a dog and a cat. My dog's name is Ledena and cat's name is Lily and I love spend my time with them, playing or just watching them how they enjoy in game.I love to travel and metting new friends.Also,I love to play football with my friends and playing videogames online.I'm very friendly person who loves nature,people and animals.



    My name is Leda Šobak. I'm 11 years old. I have got blonde, wavy and long hair. I have blue eyes.. I really love playing games. I'm going to 5th grade. I practice dance and in free time I hang out whit my friends.. I live in Hrašćica with my family; mom, dad and brother. My mom's name is Sanja, she is 37 years old. She has got blonde, medium lenght and curly hair. She is kind and hardworking. My dad's name is Benjamin, he is 39 years old. He has got dark and short hair, and brown eyes. He is strong and brave. My brother's name is Simon, he is 12. He is lazy and clever.... I don't have pets.. That's it, byee!


    Hello. My name is Karel Stolnik. I am 11. I live in Sračinec whit my parents, brother and sister. My parents names are Dubravko and Marina. My sister name is Lenka. She is 4. My brother name is Ruben. He is 8. We have got a pet. He is a dog and his name is Rif. I like play videogames and i like dreaming about futre. My hobby is reading books, listening rock music and play basketball. I like to walk around whit my dog. That makes me relax. I often play with my brother or draw with my sister.


    My name is Ana Vadla and i realy like drawing and walking outside. I go to 6th grade and im 11 years old. I live in a average family whit my mom, dad and sister. We live in Croatia in a village called Nova Ves. We have a cat called Perlica.


    Hi! I'm Eni Grđan. I'm 10 years old. I have got blonde,wavy and long hair. My eyes are green.

    I love ride a bike, watch tv and I love play games.

    I'm going to 5th grade.In my free time,I like roll with rollers and I like swimming. I live in Sračinec with my family. My mom is amazing! She's alway here when I need something.Her name is Željka. My dad is strong and brave.He is good,but sometimes strict.His name is Tomislav. My brother is sometimes boring. He is 3 years old. I have cat his name is Britt. That' all about me! Goodbye!

    Taliah Petra

    My name is Taliah Petra Bradbury. I am 12 years old. I am quarter Croatian quarter English quarter Serbian and quarter Irish. I was born in Croatia. Right now I live in Hrašćica but befor I lived on the Island of Hvar, Jelsa. I live with my parents and my older sister. My moms name is Miranda. My father is the CEO of his name is Paul David Raymond, lastly my sister, she is two years older then me there for she is 14 years old her name is Hannah Stephanie. I like to write songs and draw.


    My name is Marta Jurčević. I am 11 years old. I am tall and I have brown eyes and long brown hair. I am from Croatia. I live in Hrašćica with my parents and my older sister Lorena. I am in fifth grade and my favourite subject is English. I have got a big and fluffy dog. Her name is Bella. I also have two cats, Dama and Richy. In free time, I like to dance, play volleyball and play with my pets. My favourite movie is Harry Potter and my favourite tv show is Friends.


    Hi, my name is Arijan, I'm going to be twelve in two days. I live in Hrašćica, it is a village close to Varaždin. My parents, sister, our little dog and I live in a house that is just the right size for our family. I am currently in 6th grade. I don't have many hobbies, I usually play video games with my friends, but I don't really play any sports. We have a little Maltese dog. His name is Lucky, he loves to play and bite our shoes, but trust me he is friendly. :) My sister is called Ervina, she is sixteen years old. My dad is called Renato and my mom is called Renata (yeah, the names are kind of connected to each other), she is a seamstress, and she also loves writing poems! 💞


    Hi, my name is Hrvoje Cafuk. I am 12 years old and I go to the 6th grade of elementary school. My favourite subject is maths. I came from Croatia and I live in a small village near Varaždin. I live with my parents and my older sister Anja. I am tall and thin. I have got dark, short, straight hair and brown eyes. I really like sport and my hobbies are athletics and chess. My pats are two cats, Kity and Nera, and a rabbit Prugi. In my free time I like to play video games and to spend time with my friends.


    Hi! I'm Rea Ganzer. I'm 11 years old and I go to 5th grade. I have got brown eyes and brown, wavy and long hair. I am very tall. I like music and roller skating. I live in Sračinec with my parents and two older sisters. Sisters are 18 and 21 years old. My mom is 50 and my dad is 40 years old. I have a pet. It's a cat named Jaffa because it is white and orange colour.


    Hi my name is Dora Pintarić.
    I'm 12 years old.I'm in the 6th grade.
    I live with my family: Father Igor, Mother Lidija, Brother Jan and my cat Mica.
    I absolutly love my cat she is the cutest, but she is really playfull sometimes so she can give you a big scratch.ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ
    In my spare time I like to draw.
    I love to play video games and hang out with my friends and family.
    Well that was enough information from me.


    My name is Janja Žnidarić. I am geography teacher in Sračinec Primary School.



    My name is Sara Trtinjak.I'm 11 years old and i'm going to 5th grade.I have brown short hare and brown-green eyes.In my free time i train handbal and hang out with friends.

    I live in Sračinec with my mom and dad.My mom name is Martina and she is 35 years old.She is :preety,clever,tall and nice.My dad name is Roman. He is 39 years old and he

    is :strong,nice,tall and clever.I have 2 parrots and i like to play with them.That's it.Goodbye! :)


    Hello!I'm Tia Mesek.I am 12 years old.I live with my patenta and transparente,and also my 2 Brothers.I love animals,especialy dogs and tigers.I enjoy singing and playing the guitar.I am not a special person all the time and i get very shy when meeting New People.People tell me i am funny but i think i am much more different than my friends.I hate maths.When i was little i used to think i am very ugly,but now i love myself like everyone should.