Project Once upon Ancient Times description


    eTwinning project Once upon Ancient Times


    Introduction of teaching based on research and creative work to make learning history easier and more logical, connecting it to the history of art, art and drama will improve the partner schools' curriculum.
    Students of the partner countries will collaborate on a comic created in digital tools and based on stories and legends from the ancient times in each partner country.
    Students and teachers will collaborate and communicate using ICT tools and collaboration platforms to devleop English language skills and learn from about ancient history on their territory to draw conclusions about similarities and differences in their ancient history and in the later development of their countries.
    The students will research ancient stories and legends, share them with thier peers in partner countries and create a digital comic book containing all the comics created in the partner schools. The students will collaborate on LMS platforms and on twinspace sharing their work.


    Foreign Languages, History, Informatics / ICT, Language and Literature

    Age range

    From 14 to 19



    1) Develop creative skills with students:
    - in creating a digital comic based on anicent stories and legends
    - in creating antiquity characters in the comic
    2) Develop research skills with students
    - in research of antiquity legends and stories and in learning about them
    - in research of local and national antiquity
    3) Develop critical thinking with students
    - in connecting events from antiquity and in connecting common ancient history with other partners from different countries
    4) Develop collaborative learning with students
    - in team work creating the common project product; a digital comic book
    - digital skill collaborating on a collaboration platform (Schoology)
    - digital skills using the digital tools to create a comic
    5) Develop communication and English language skills with students
    - communicating in English in virtual environment, in live events and forums on Twinspace
    - reading, writing and translating the antiquity stories and legends
    6) Develop mentoring skills with teachers
    - in leading the student research of antiquity and ancient stories and legends
    of their own country and area
    - in creating and the use of ICT and in encouraging and fostering a higher level of English
    7) Develop communication skills with teachers
    - in communication on Twinspace and on collaboration platform using English


    Work process

    1)students and teachers of all partner schools choose the most suitable digital tool to design the comic and the digital comic book and share their experience and reasons on the twinspace forum 2)students of each partner school make a research and choose a legendo or a story from the ancient times dealing with their territory or country 3)teachers from the partner schools arrange all the project activities and deadlines on an open google drive document
    4)students in each partner school create characters for their chosen legends and stories 5)students write and translate in English the legends and stories in each partner country 6)all the partner school students collaborate on a collaborative platform such as Schoology to share their work and to learn from each other
    7) students and teachers from the partner schools create the common digital comic book containing all the comics created in the parnter schools
    8)students and teachers communicate uisng twinspace live events and padlet


    Expected results

    - One upon Ancient Times, a digital comic book with ancient stories and legends
    -a collaborative learning platform with the project work (Schoology)
    - padlet wall as a communication board
    -project twinspace