March 2021

  • Activities of the month:

    6 Diagrama Gantt Mar 2021.pdf


    Message from Dumbledore!!


    Minutes of the virtual teacher´s meeting on 18th March 2021

    Minutes 8 18 mar 21.pdf


    Virtual Meeting between students from the 4 countries sharing the creation of the virtual games and playing online all together!! 22nd March 2021



    Working on the school garden

    School garden

    Working on the school garden. We planted broad beans, potatoes and letucce. Spain

    School garden

    6th graders distribute plants for the rest of school to have a plant at class to take care of. Spain

    School garden

    The littles take care of their plants at class. Spain


    Training course for 5th graders students in "Pollution, species in extinction, deforestation and loss of biodiversity” by external experts from Caserío del Henares Environmental Center. Spain

    Romania-Leaflets, roll-ups, face masks

    More dissemination materials have arrived

    March activities- Romania

    Planting aromatic herbs; online workshop with expert Cristian Țetcu; getting Dumbledore's message; Kahoot on biodiversity and much more :)

    Aromatic herbs


    Virtual Meeting

    Students from the 4 countries sharing their games and playing together!!

    Virtual meeting

    Playing kahoot!

    Arrival of the 3rd letter from Dumbledore


    World Forestry Day

    We celebrate the day planting trees in Caserio del Henares. We go by bike!

    World Forestry Day


    school garden

    Picking beans from our school garden

    Article in the Greek School Network
    Online students workshop - Greece

    With the cooperation of the Environmental Centers of Lavrio and Argyroupoli

    Planting at the school

    Greece (done in May 2021)

    Virtual Meeting
    Virtual Meeting
    Virtual Meeting
    Virtual Meeting
    Virtual Meeting