Project Organisation


    Procedures and deadlines 

    From September to June: 
    - 3 issues of our international magazine incorporating the students’ 
    productions .
    - Collaborative story  . Here is the calendar.



    - Introduction of schools and classes

    October / November
    - Students' introduction 
    - Collective survey 1 ‘ Are you a geek ? What are your hobbies ?’ 

    - Multilingual media dictionary 
    - Students present a national celebrity or / and their favourite song / film 
    - Music awards : students vote for the song their prefer 

    end of November / beginning December

    - Xmas card exchange . Partners who do not celebrate Xmas can send festivity cards .. The cards don't need to be bought , they can be made by students . The school addresses are available in the contact Information page.

    December / January
    -Collective survey 2 ‘How healthy is your life? ’
    - Each partner presents food traditions / national sports 

    February/ March
    - Collective survey 3 ‘ How international are you ?’ 
    - Introducing one’s town or village or region : ( My favorite place..)
    -‘A weekend in…’ each partner school presents a town or region of each other partners 


    Postcard exchange 

    April /May 

    -culture boxes exchange (for those interested)
    - Illustration of our story / choice of a title / final presentation 
    - Evaluation by students and teachers
    - Dissemination

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