M2-Transnational Meeting in Italy

  • Transnational project meeting 2 in Italy „Games Achieve My Educational Success” Nr. 2017 –1–LT01- KA219 – 035206 (8 th -12 th April, 2019)

    During the last TPM in Italy, the partner schools analysed the actions taken to improve the project weaknesses concerning its Impact and Dissemination.

    It emerged that the project impact, after each mobility, was excellent. Data from teachers’ meetings and written reports, together with those from students’, parents’ and stakeholders’ answers to the proposed questionnaires testified linguistic improvements for students, increased methodological awareness for teachers and greater motivation and interest in school activity for both students and parents as well as  enhanced involvement for stakeholders.

    Several classes of the partners’ Institutes could try and work with learning-by-doing and cooperative learning methods, being closely involved in the activities during the Game Days and Open Days organized by the partner schools after each mobility.

    These learning/teaching techniques were also applied to other subjects than English Language. Positive results were also achieved through action-research. More specifically, teachers analysed any emerging educational problem, planned and enforced a possible solution, monitoring and assessing its outcomes in a comparative perspective across different classes. What’s more, such teaching methods allowed the active involvement of students with special needs and individual impairment.

    The external organizations involved as stakeholders in the Project were many and varied for the different countries. In Italy, the Mayor of Civitavecchia and some local schools saw the students’ works and took part in the closing activities of the project.

    In Italy, where the final TPM was held, a whole morning was spent at the Town Hall of Civitavecchia, where the Erasmus + “Games..”  Project and its outcomes were shown to the Mayor, Mr. Antonio Cozzolino, to the Local Councilor for School, Ms Alessandra Lecis as well as to the European Member of Parliament, Alessandro Battilocchio. All of them highlighted the importance of the Project for all the people directly and indirectly involved, and  praised the partner school teachers and students for their activity, promoting acquaintance with and sharing of experiences and cultures. Local journalists attended the event, which was enthusiastically reported in local papers and on the Net.

    At the end of the Project, as a result of their participation, all the teachers and students involved, achieved a Europass Language Passport. Participation in this Erasmus+ Project has been recorded in the students’ Educational Curriculum and will count as school credit in their educational assessment.

    During the weeks spent together in the Project mobilities, the partner school teachers established working relations as well as lasting friendships. The harmony and accord which characterized this cooperation made them all wish for new future cooperation opportunities.