Project Description

  • The project called "U2 Have a Voice" is focused on increasing student competencies and skills in the area of civil engagement, responsible and active citizenship, democratic values, and more, in the context of their community, country and EU. Young people have an important role to play in maintaining and building a better democratic European society and culture. This project aims to motivate them to be more involved in their local communities, democratic processes and activities at different levels of society, starting from their towns/cities, to national and European level.

    The project is divided int four topics:

    1) Actions speak louder than words - focusing on responsible and active citizenship, volunteering and elections. Students will learn how they can have a voice and use it in their community, nation and the EU.

    2) Living together as equals in culturally diverse societies - The main focus is on different aspects of HR, and cultural diversity. Students will learn to be tolerant of differences in nationality, culture, physical appearance, origin, sex, beliefs, etc. Stressing that all people are created equal with specific unalienable rights. Special focus on bullying.

    3) Hit the Books - freedom of speech. Students will read books, get to know forbidden writers, read speeches that inspired nations, learn about fake news, censorship, propaganda and media manipulation (elections).

    4) If streets could talk - culture of democracy. Focus will be on why people take to the streets (protest, demonstrations, etc.) Different forms of rule. Students will map streets , street names in their town and examine what happened in these streets.