Primary School with Integrated Classes No 6 Siedlce, Poland

  • Primary School with Integrated Classes No 6 Siedlce, Poland

                     Our school is located in the city of Siedlce. It is attended by 550 students aged 6-13. The staff is made up of 101 people: 1 headmistress, two deputy assistants, 55 teachers, 31 support teachers and 12 specialists (speech therapists, psychologists and others). There are 35 classes, 32 being inclusive (integrated classes).

    Our school organises a lot of extracurricular activities among other music, dance, chess, modelling, scouting and eTwinning classes – to increase digital and English competences.

    We are an eTwinning School :)

    We also provide psychological and pedagogical assistance, e.g. speech therapy, sensory integration therapy, Social Skills Training (TUS) - group training during which the trainers model the behaviour of children and youth in various social situations, including distinguishing emotions, making friends, listening carefully, asking questions. We take part in coding and programming programmes as SuperKoderzy –and MegaMisja to improve teachers’ digital competencies and to help students know better and safer modern technologies.



    This is the virtual tour of our school prepared in a frame of Eramus+ project

    Here is also its video version: