LABORATORY Poland Siedlce Sp6

  • Build monuments

    Shaping spatial imagination through technical works. Conceptual design of land development at our school and some famous building from Siedlce.

    It was a Math project in our school last year. Carried by our Math teacher Marta Krasuska.

    We want to use the idea of creating the important building from Siedlce (our home town) and other places in Poland using geometrical  figures by our project students in our project Art & Maths

    Students work in small groups (2-5 students). They are going to use some empty packages to be friendly also for our environment – one of the green rules: REUSE J Hope it works J

    We chose some:

    The town hall (Siedlce)


    Cloth Hall in Krakow


    Palace of Culture and Science (Warsaw)           


    Royal Castle in Warsaw


    Malbork castle


    My project class 2B familiarized with the works and now they will cooperate to design their own building. In the cooperation will be also parents involved J



    Examples of the buildings from the last year project

    Here the pdf version of our laboratory

    Laboratory Siedlce POLAND - buildings.pdf