TeachMeet - Register here!



    TeachMeet is an informal and enjoyable gathering of teachers and education professionals who want to share inspirational ideas, techniques and resources to be used in the classroom. Based on this exciting well known format, we are running a mini version of it on Sunday morning, in a plenary session.

    This TeachMeet will follow the conference`s theme “Learning from each other” and will offer the chance to engage and share with others some of your successes and experiences. We are passionate about collaboration and want to make this mini-TeachMeet a honeypot of ideas for education professionals!


    You can participate as a member of the audience or give a short presentation about your favourite idea or technique used, based around the theme of ‘Learning from each other’.

    You can give a Micro presentation of 7 minutes or a Nano presentation of 2 minutes.

    Anyone can present at TeachMeet and if you want to do so, please register here 

    Presentation rules 

    •    You don`t need to be an expert to present. Come and share with us your good practice, successes and favorite resources.
    •    Use any presentation format you want: PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, or just talk!
    •    Remember to add all links into your presentation 
    •    Be prepared and be flexible. Although not expected you should be ready to adjust if there are any technical issues.

    Once registered to deliver a presentation, be prepared! If the demand is too high we may need to spin the wheel!


    We will be encouraging participants and our twitter audience of over 3,500 to use the conference hashtag #eTuk15 in particular for this high energy event, where participants will be entered into a raffle draw to win prizes. The hashtag will also help to:

    •    connect everyone within the venue and externally, such as those who were not able to attend the conference and those who really want to learn from your presentation 
    •    keep a log of useful tips, links to blogs and conference presentations which everyone can use post the event