• Photos, videos and documents related with the local traditional songs


    P3 Activities ("Mihai Eminescu" National College, Petrosani, Romania)

    The oldest musical instrument used on the territory of our country proved to be the whistle that is certified in the Neolithic. This instrument, perfected, of course, has been used at parties as an orchestra until today. The whistle has been the musical instrument that accompanied everywhere  shepherds.

    Each whistler has a personal song composed by him that defines him in the world of whistlers. Some, more talented, have written more songs. The music for dances composed by the whistlers is locally called "jiana", after the names of the "jeni”. Each whistler is a composer. These words of the whistlers are known and recognized by all the whistlers and learned to be reproduced. They could be played on demand by any of the whistle singers when the owner was not present and someone wanted to dance on his song.

    (The information was collected from Dumitru Galatan Jiet)

    Traditional dances and songs performed by the members of the "Junii Petrileni" Folk Group


    P10 Activities. “Nedeia Sanzienelor la Straja”

    On 24 June 2019, the students from "Mihai Eminescu"National College who participated at “Nedeia Sanzienelor la Straja”(the 48th edition) to see how the local community celebrates “Sanzienele”recorded some traditional songs and dances:


    (Recorded by Gabriela Parlea)

    WhatsApp Video 2019-06-24 at 16.10.04.mp4

    (Recorded by Lavinia Popescu)


    C3 Activities (during the mobility in Romania)

    Traditional Romanian song performed by the Romanian pupils during the C3 activities on 29-11-2019:


    Traditional Italian song performed by the Italian pupils during the C3 activities on 29-11-2019: