Evaluation by teachers


    Your expectations from the project at the beginning of the project The results you achieved at the end of the project

    I am glad to be in this project. I am sure that my students will have the chance to improve their communication skills, ICT skills, they will learn to appreciate more their local resources, their traditions, their history, they will learn how to do research and how to set up a business in tourism. They will participate in teaching/learning activities in other countries, they will be hosted by foreign families for the first time. 

    Stefania Manea/ Colegiul National "Mihai Eminescu", Petrosani, Romania

    At the end of the project, I can say that we've managed to achieve our goals. Our students were very involved in the planned activities, they participated enthusiastically and were very positive. They collaborated very well with their colleagues.

    We, the teachers, also collaborated very well and worked hard to do the activities on time and overcome all the obstacles generated by the Covid- 19 pandemic  in each country (e.g. unplanned holidays that prevented my students from participating in some activities). Despite the given circumstances, we succeeded in involving our students in activities that changed their perspective on life and motivated them to be more positive and confident.

    Personally, I am very grateful to be part of this amazing team. I met wonderful colleagues that are now my friends with whom I discussed not only about the activities of the project, but also about how they were coping in this pandemic that has changed our lives coniderably. 

    This project proved them and me that they can do wonderful things outside school.

    I look forward to continuing this collaboration.

    Stefania Manea/ Colegiul National "Mihai Eminescu", Petrosani, Romania

    I expect that by the end of this project my students will have obtained various skills such as cooperation and communicative skills and skills to bridge gaps between the participants involved in the project. In addition, they will take part in activities promoting the importance of the local cultural heritage in a European perspective and the development of job opportunities in local tourism. They will come in contact with the similarities and differences between different kinds of local cultural heritage, realizing their common roots mainly at the base of language, history, religion and traditions as well as the value of the European identity and citizenship.

    Maria Mangana/ Geniko Likio Hortiati, Hortiatis Thessaloniki, Greece

    Bringing this project at the final stage of evaluation, I am happy to realize that the main goals we were aiming at the beginning of the project have been fulfilled. We have managed to organize and realize a lot of activities aiming at the goals of the project in which l large number of students of the three classes of our school were involved with great enthusiasm and joy. Having as guide the values of knowledge, peace and  prosperity in the European family, we have got acquainted with different cultures, traditions and ways of living, travelling back to time till nowadays. Our main bows in our quiver in order to reach our goals were teamwork, socialization and cooperation through searching our common roots and learning by each other. In addition the pandemic of COVID-19 gave us the chance to become more flexible and patient as far as the organization and realization of online activities are concerned, with the main examples of the C4 and C5 virtual activities substituting the physical mobility in Sicily. Besides due to the pandemic of COVID-19 the project has been extended for one more year, giving us the opportunity to involve even more students and plan even more activities cultivating friendship, unity and solidarity.

    Maria Mangana/ Geniko Likio Hortiati, Hortiatis Thessaloniki, Greece