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    On 4th June 2019 the 6th Entrepreneurship Forum for students, teachers, local employers and local government representatives took place in Zespół Szkół Ekonomicznych in Wodzisław Śląski. This event, held annually, is an opportunity to share experience and good practice in implementing innitiatives and projects aiming at the development of students' vocational as well as linguistic and social competence. During the meeting, the eTwinning project Spolger4Uth was presented as an example of a valuable experience in raising students' cultural awareness and developing their European competence.


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    Press release National Agency published in December 2019

    Newspaper article of Cellesche Zeitung, the local paper in Celle in December 2019


    Press release (English translation)

    bbs1celle receives eTwinning quality label


    FOS students convince jury with cooking project


    Celle, 5 December 2019: The bbs1celle have been awarded the eTwinning quality label 2019 for their school project “Spolger4Uth”about food in the EU. This label for exemplary internet projects also includes high-quality gift prizes and certificates for the participating students as a sign of recognition.

    Students between 16 and 21 years old worked on the topic “culinary diversity in Europe”. They cooked traditional delicacies from their partners’ countries, found similarities and differences and created an e-cookery book. Labskaus, garlic soup, tortilla and many other specialties invite the reader to taste them. The project was carried out in cooperation with schools from Spain, Poland and Germany (Spolger) in the project language English. 

    According to the jury, this outstanding project demonstrates very well how to think outside the box and it literally whets the appetite for Europe. 


    Spolger4Uth on bbs1celle homepage



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    Spolger4Uth video summary

    eTwinning Ambassador meeting, Madrid 2019




    Article in Local press in Granada


    eTwinning awards ceremony in Atarfe (Granada) 

    Ms. Behrendt and Ms. Rodríguez handling over Pupil Certificates




    Principal hands over and congratulates Ms. Rodríguez on European Quality Label and Ms. Behrendt on her job shadowing at our school.




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    BBS Haarentor: An articel of the X-Mas videoconference at the homepage of the BBS Haarentor: 


    BBS Haarentor: Department heads congratulate the teachers for award: 



    Poster for the internationalization conference of the four VET schools in Oldenburg: 

    Spolger4Uth -Presentation of eTwinning for Internationalisation Workshop.pdf

    And here an articel about the conference: https://www.bbs-haarentor.de/news/nero-workshop-der-vier-oldenburger-bbs