Project Organization


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    1) Presentation: video, Forum, Cards sending

    2) Choosing a logo

    3) Christmas traditions in Spolger. Videoconference: Kahoot and carolling together

    4) Typical Food

    • The cost of living in Spolger
    • Recipes 
    • Food Idioms
    • Yummy videoconference
    • Spolger Cookery Book

    5) Saying goodbye

    6) Evaluation

    7) Final task


    Final Task


    1) Newcomers. Record a short presentation video saying where your trip is, your name and something you like.

    2) Activity description.

    3) Working on your itineraries

    4) Mentors:

    a) you must guide the team you are mentoring with comments on their work

    b) you must write a hint to make them look for a hidden treasure in their trip. Remember you can't say the name just clues to help them find out.

    Click on discussion to write your hints

    6) Spolger virtual trip

    Your team will have to design a Tourist poster with Canvas.

    You have an interactive Google map where you will add all the information you found.


  • Student Administrators

    Vega de Atarfe

    Gilmar and Lidia


    Marta and Martyna


    Karolina 13, Sebastian


    Lea, Laura, Melissa