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    Give your impressions and share what the project has brought to you, both in your teaching practice and on a personal level.


    As usual, we have studied in a wonderful eTwinning project and also team in this year.I like studying with these talented and gergeous
    teachers together.In this topic I try to find the problems that we come across ın the World and try to solve the problems for the future with my students.In this project I have stuied with Computer Department students,their first time in eTwinning but they did their best during the activities.Thanks my collogues and all students in a big team to give importance for the better living conditions in the World.Best Regards.

    Patrizia -Italy

    This project has allowed our students to think about real problems and it has given them the opportunity to discuss about possible solutions. It has developed their competence to work in groups and IT skills especially with reference to video making. I strongly hope this will be a way to encourage our youngs to be conscious of the fact they can be active protagonists of their future and voices to be heard in the European Union, a great place embracing all of us!!! So wonderful students, but also great teachers: a special thank to Natacha for her great work in planning and implementing our work!!!

    Natacha - France

    Turning our students into empowered politicians was an experience! It was amazing to see how responsible they are concerning the future and what it has in store for us. It allowed me to see their motivations and also their will to do good!
    As always, a great pleasure to work on the project with my beloved colleagues and friends, amazing partners!