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    The members of each country must add 2 propositions (2 ideas) to ameliorate the present situation in Europe as far as your topic is concerned.

    In a second time, the other members will add arguments to express their opinions and then everybody vote for the best propositions for a better future.


  • Our arguments to promote our favourite ideas in videos

    Idea defended by Thaïs, France


    Idea defended by Victor, France
    Idea defended by Esteban, France
  • Which proposition do you prefer?
    Idea by Thaïs
    4 votes (10.00%)
    Idea by Meliha
    4 votes (10.00%)
    Idea by the Italian students
    13 votes (32.50%)
    Idea by Victor
    2 votes (5.00%)
    Idea by Esteban
    17 votes (42.50%)