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    Each student is invited to share his/her views on the project: what they liked, didn't like, learnt, improved in their skills.


    I think that E-twinning project is very usefull for share a lot of informations through the World. It permit to each students to have a advice on what think everyone, for finally realize the latter and create a true and sure evolution. It is important to open it to interested or ignorant people for a good development and human interpersonal relationship.


    I liked the project because it gave me different ideas for the futur. The ideas were good and well thought off. It was nice to work with people from countries that all have ideas.

    Thomas France

    I liked the project because it was more interesting than a normal class hour. Which was not so good, since we did not have the appropriate equipment to listen videos, it was difficult to understand.

    Thibaut, France

    I like this project because the mix of culture was very enriching.
    Now I have a better english and I have more self confidence !
    It was a good experience.

    Marco, France

    I think that the eTwinning-project is a nice project, which permit to meet other people like us in other countries, who will like us, prepare our future in Europe. I think the project was very interresant because we can share our ideas with the other students et the student can do this too.

    Antoine France

    I think the etwinning project was a good idea because talk to international people was very interesting , but I think the topic of the project are not very interesting for teenager because the most section of the teenager are not interesting by for example the employment ,

    Baptiste, France

    I thought this project was interesting because it was very better than a normal lesson, it was cool to see how turkish and itilian people speack. During this project, I have trained my english. I thought cool to do a project with foreign teenager. During this project I learned that there are a lot of problem in Europe and that all of we must do something to resolve them.

    Esteban, France

    I think the eTwinning project is a good idea and very interesting and nice project. I think the others people wants to do the future of Europe, and I think this project is a good idea for the future of Europe.


    Hello guys !
    I'm very happy to compare the different ideas of different countries. I can see the different problem in Europe. Every countries find a idea to change the lifestyle. This experience is very enriching and funny.
    Thanks a lot !!

    Jeanne - FRANCE

    Hi ! In the End (song by Linkin Park), of this project, teachers ask us to post our impressions about the e-twinning project. I don't know what I can write at all..
    At the beginning of the project, I thought that everyone would have a pen-friend and write to him/her in every country, well exchange by sending letters, but finally, it looked different and.. less personnel.
    Thank you to take part of this project with us,
    Be yourself and have a lovely day,


    I liked this project because you can organise meetings with the others peoples in other countries but I think that it don't bring me more knowledges.


    Hello for me I liked this project because we shares ideas with others country but I haven't like this project beacause we would can travels with others country but we haven't do this. In this project I have learn more vocabulary in English.

    Stella, France

    Hello! In the etwinning project, I liked speak and interact in english with people of other country! :) I improve myself about the english language. It was nice that we can see the work of other students! I had too begin the etwinning project last year but It was in the end of schoolyear so we have can't finish! the different themes on we have work are important for our future! So thank you!

    Yasmine, France

    Hello, I think that this project is very enriching and interessant because, we learn how to talk with other people who live in a different way. We can see how they live and we discover the differences between some countries in Europe. We learned vocabulary and things about our contries too because, personnally, before this, I didn't know what was (for exemple) access and promotion of culture. It was good to open our mind to various culture and people. That socialize us and in the future, it will be easier to talk and understand other people. But more than just an experience, it was a good way to ameliorate our english because, it's the international language so, later, we'll need to talk in english and with words that we don't, usually, learn. So, thank you for introducing us to this project.

    Victor, France

    Hi, personally, i like working with etwinning beacause is it very easy to working with this application. For me, the most fifficult is making a video to defend my opinion beacause i'm shy and i don't likr speaking in front of a camera. This project allowed me to progress beacause i learn new words !!!

    Thaïs, France

    I found this project was little boring because we have not the choise of the theme and we have to make videos. But it's a good thing to looking for idea to improve the Europe. I think it's cool to share a project with other countries. Finally, during this project I have not learn many things but I found it's a good experience.

    Yannick, France

    I like the project because it was more interesting than a normal class hour. The mixing of countries and is very enriching.

    Marine, France

    eTwinning its a good idea,
    because we can speak a other peoples in the world.
    The subject it is cool and interesting .
    But the video it is not my speciality, because a didn't like that , but i can see different ideas for the futur by the other people.
    the project was very cool.

    CéliaF France

    I really liked this project, it was very interesting and I learned more about some subjects like the subject i was working on: scientific innovation. I love that we could choose the ideas we were defending, we saw everyone's point of view and arguments. The only bad point I could give is that we couldn't really interact with the other students.

    Marine France

    I liked this E-twinning project because I think it's a very good project for interacting with people come from others countries, and I learned a lot of solutions for our future life and all the humanity progress. With all this ideas, we have a better world !


    I think that eTwinning project is a good idea to communicate the other students around World.It is interesting that all people no matter which country has similar problems.In this project I have chance to share my ideas with European friends.


    I like the propositions best that I learnt lots of things about the systems in different countries.In this project I improve my writing ability in a foreıgn languages.


    Normally I hate English lessons:)but in this project's topic is very interesting and I like the topic that giving lots of brilliant ideas for the propositions of the future.


    It is very useful for me to share ideas and learn different things for living being.Everybody has an idea for the future in this project and it is wonderful.


    It was fantastic to share similar opinions with the other students from far away my country.I like eTwinning and having new friends.


    This is my second project this year.I have learn lots of things to improve myself via these projects.eTwinning is a fantastic way to be able to learn different ideas.

    Francesca B. - Italy

    I think eTwinning project is an opportunity to learn each other and to communicate with people of other countries. It was fantastic to share different opinions with the other students and now I can say that I'm very happy to take part of this project.

    Alexei, Italy

    I really liked this experience, is the second year for me and I enjoyed it as the first. I think that it's a really important project for a more multicultural Europe and for our future. It was also very interesting, for me, to share my ideas with guys from other cultures.


    I think the eTwinning project is a good idea and very interesting and nice project because you can talk to international people and because we learn how to talk with other people who live in a different countries with different accent. I think this project is more interesting than a normal class hour and we are more participating! The activity that I prefered was the creation of the video!!

    Valentina, Italy

    I liked this project because it has been a characteristic school activity, different from the normal English classes. I really enjoyed discovering new things about other cultures and i think this has been a really useful experience

    Alice, Italy

    I think E-twinning project is a beautiful way to promote the mix of cultures and, in particular, to know better different traditions and ways of life. Is very interesting face with other people and also is important know problems of Europe and try to resolve them. I'm happy to have been part of this project!

    Martina, Italy

    I think that this project is perfect for everyone because it allowed us to meet other people from other countries; also, in my opinion it is really useful to share ideas and to interact with each student who agree or don't agree with our ideas.
    Moreover it permits to create and share an important personal evolution

    Mayra Saravia, Italy

    I think that these types of projects allows us to improve our english in a better way, above all because we have the opportunity to speak about things concerning our ideas and to know what people or , in this case, what the students think about political and social themes. I loved to make a video with my friends Erika and Daniel, in that video, we showed our ideas about sex equility.

    Nicole, Italy

    In my opinion this project was a magnificent discovery and adventure. I really enjoyed confronting and sharing my ideas with the others participants. I improved the use of english, especially in the production of the video, and it was really funny! It's a good initiative because it made me think about the future and a way to make it better, I think that it was useful.

    Pamela, Italy

    I think that this project is an excellent way to meet people of different countries and to learn about their cultures. Also, we improve our english and we have more confidence with it.
    With this project, I learn that in Europe there are a lot of problems and we should try to solve them.
    It was a very funny and interesting experience.


    The etwinning project is a good way to comunicate with students from other countries and see the ideas from other guys. It's possible to note the different problems in Europe and how those guys want to resolve them. The topic we have faced are current and useful for all the world. In my opinion this project was very interesting and it was a good idea for improve our pronunciation.

    Arba Hoxha, Italy

    This is my second year doing this project and I liked it more.
    The thing that I liked the most was to compare different ideas with other countries about a theme and for this reason I think that this year it was more interesting.
    The eTwinning-project is a really nice project because students are able to learn more about other countries. It is a really interactive project that I hope I can do next year too.

    Vanessa Nina-Italy

    I liked so much this project because I get in touch with people from another country with a different culture and traditions ,by them I improved my abilities and my comprension in Eglish. I liked so much the etwinning hour because was a different way to learn more about the lenguage and countries. I hope we'll make this experience next year too.

    Marco, Italy

    I think that this project is a good experience and one that makes it possible to make known a lot about countries other than our own.
    In my opinion it's important to us to speak about the problems in Europian Community and try to find a solution.

    Anastacia, Italy

    The etwinning project is very usefull and interesting.
    It permit to talk and see other people from other countries, it is also good to open our mind to various culture and it help to learn the english language. Thank you for this oppurtunity!

    Nicole B., Italy

    I think this eTwinning-project it is an a very good idea alternated with normal class lessons, it was very interesting because it was an opportunity to learn new and different things about cultures of other countries and I could communicate in English with other people so I improved my language skills. I'm happy to participate in this project because it was very usefull to share my culture with other cultures so I very like it.


    I think that this project was very interesting and useful for us, because it let us know different cultures and improve our english through some stimulating activities, also during the various activities we have dealt with topical issues that have allowed us to know many problems about our world.

    Fabio C.-Italy

    I think that this project was very useful because I've ameliorated my English and collaboration skills, and I've worked seriously with my group.
    It was a very interesting project because I understood the other propositions of other countries. This experience was very enriching and funny.

    Pecci Aurora, Italy

    In my opinion the eTwinning project was helpful to improve our languages skills and to give birth to a community social consciousness, that let us hope in a better future.
    Make videos and work together was wonderful!

    Veronica Pia Nigro, Italy

    For me is the second year that I partecipate on this project. This year my classmate and I did more interesting activities. E-Twinning isn't only a project, but it is a platform where students can communicate with other students from different country. In addition it is a different interactive manner of learning, for me more funny and interactive.
    The activity that I like most It was Eu(U)rotopian propositions made by video.
    I hope I can do this project next year too.
    thanks for all

    Cristina C.-Italy

    I think that this project is very usefull because I improved my english skills and I discovered others cultures. I liked make videos and it was interesting listen to others ideas, it was an opportunity to learn different things about cultures.

    Lorenzo Beneduce-Italy

    I like this project because I love sharing my thoughts with people from other countries and through this project I lerned a lot about the different state. It was a very nice project because are the young people that have to change the world.

    Niccolò Berti - Italy

    i liked this project because it includes a lot of countries and different cultures. Moreover i liked this experience because i really love sharing my thoughts with other people.Thanks to this project i have trained my english so much and i have improved my skills and abilities. In this way i have learnt a lot of problems that europe have, and how to resolve them in a better way. I hope that one day these proposal will be heard.

    Leonardo, Italy

    I think that the ETwinning project is a very interesting project and that is very important to compare different ideas from other countries. It is also a good alternative to a normal lesson and I learnt interesting things over very important topics.

    Steven, Italy

    I think this project is a great opportunity to share our own ideas and to talk with people of other countries. During this project I improved some important skills like to think of ideas that can help the world.
    Also in my opinion this project has been a good idea, at least one hour per week, to learn english in another way.