# Objectives, competences, contents and other subjects involved


    - To make students think about the importance of the role of women in our society.
    - To make students think about the importance of our cultural heritage as Europeans, respecting and giving value to our own traditions and also to the other countries´s.
    - To be able to use digital tools related to topics of the curriculum such as English, Technology, Literature, History, Arts and Crafts in a collaborative way so that our students become more confident with them.
    - To encourage students to communicate with other students in the project with respect and tolerance, promoting the awareness of being European citizens.
    - To celebrate International Women´s Day on March 8th all together.


    1. Communication in foreign languages (developing foreign language skills through CLIL methodology and multilingual awareness).

    2. Digital competence (developing students and teachers digital skills through the use of web 2.0 tools and the twinspace platform ).

    3. Social and civic competences (developing European citizenship by giving value to differences, collaborating for common goals and respecting  different points of view).

    4. Cultural awareness (introducing a  European dimension into the curriculum and giving real importance to all our cultural heritage).

    5. Learning to learn (meta-cognitive strategies,improving motivation, autonomous/cooperative and discovering learning)

    6. Peer learning (students learning with and from each other as fellow learners without any implied authority)


    - Literature vocabulary: writer, biography, genres, sayings, idioms...

    - Grammatical structures in simple past tenses (regular and irregular forms), questions in past simple and present simple tenses.

    - Vocabulary related to jobs, clothes, interests, hobbies...


    - Literature

    - Arts and Crafts

    - ICT

    - History

    - Values