• What is this about?

    We all consume FOOD every day, often without giving it much thought - yet it does so much more than just keep us alive.
    Since the EU announced 2018 as the YEAR OF EUROPEAN CULTURAL HERITAGE, the project team decided to approach this topic from the point of view of food and gastronomy.
    Another issue is the concern about HEALTH. The UNHEALTHY EATING AND DRINKING HABITS we can observe among a large number of students proves the need for reflection about what we eat and drink and how our diet influences our wellbeing.
    Students will also approach food from the points of view of ETHICS. There is still famine in the world, while in developed countries tons of unconsumed food are thrown away. Fair trade initiatives and the environmental implication of GMO food, antibiotics and pesticides, animal well being, etc, will also be addressed in the project.
    Finally we will deal with WORK. Many city people, especially young ones nowadays, are out of touch with the origins and cultivation of food.

    Our project

    This eTwinning project is complementary to an Erasmus+ KA229 project with the same title and objective. Our idea is to open our project to everybody who could be interested in the topic we are dealing with: to use FOOD to develop a project based learning process in a international and multicultural environment.