Razlog (Bulgaria)


    During December students, teachers and families of NJ “Yane Sandanski” School in Razlog, Bulgary host other students and teachers from Almería, Sopuerta, Italy, Poland and Portugal in their houses and at the school to continue with the project “Small towns… New challenges” and discuss about the recipe book.

    As in the other meeting in Spain, students and teachers from different European schools could share experiences, ideas and realities. One of the main objectives of this meeting was talking about the recipe book that we are going to publish soon.

    This project wants to raise awareness between students about undertaking and being an entrepreneur. For that purpose students have collected and designed traditional recipes and they are going to put them together and create an international recipe book.

    During a week, students and teacher participated in activities and trips related to undertaking, cultural heritage and European identity. The activities and trips carried out during the week were the following ones: first of all, foreign students and teachers were welcomed with traditional dancing and songs exhibition played by Bulgarian students. To conclude the exhibition, school’s headmaster and the project coordinator welcomed foreign students and teachers and we all were welcomed with a special dish, bread and salt.  

    The following days, students and teachers from the hosting school and foreign schools take part in different activities; such as, Pellets Company visit where they saw which the steps to create a product are. Another example of the activities designed for this meeting were dancing and craft workshops, to show students the importance of the cultural heritage.

    To show town’s cultural heritage, students and teacher made a walking tour through Razlog and in another occasion they went to the top of a hill so they could enjoy the best view of the town. On the first day, students and teacher visited a church in Dobarsko village and "Deska" house, to show a magnificent heritage that this country has. Another chance to discover the surroundings was visiting Pirin Park and the ski area "Bansko".

    Apart from seen the town, it is also very important to go sightseeing, so Bulgarian teachers showed us the city of Blagoevgrad, where we had lunch, went for a walk and bought some presents and souvenirs.

    Last but not least, students, teachers and families had a special cocktail, all prepared by Bulgarian families. Everything was delicious. It was the best way to finish the meeting in Razlog.