What are our objectives?

  • What are our objectives?


    Article 2 of the Treaty on European Union, as amended by the Lisbon Treaty, states that "the Union is to respect its rich cultural and linguistic diversity, and ensure that Europe’s cultural heritage is safeguarded and enhanced". Our strategic partnership is based on this purpose.


    Cultural heritage

    We seek to promote knowledge on EU cultural heritage among the participants, favouring the development of the competence of cultural awareness and expression.

    European citizenship

    Experimenting with the variety of heritage of each participating region and the many common elements, our citizens understand what unites us as Europeans and our motto "United in Diversity".

    Transnational cooperation

    The comparison of the different European educational programmes and their discussion is the key to improving educational practice.


    Promoting competency in a foreign language improves the ability of the participants to cope well in a European context.


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