• What do the participants think about the project?


    «MusIntegrACTION is a unique project, a window open to the structural change that is so necessary in our country and at conservatories. It’s the proof of how easy it is to change, "revolutionize" and improve».

    Jonatan Rives. Headmaster, Spain.


    «Seven institutions from four countries inspiring one another and working together to promote change in music and secondary education curricular integration programmes. That's MusIntegrACTION».

    Cristina Duarte. Project coordinator, Portugal.


    «Both students and teachers are enjoying new experiences with musical institutions in different fields facilitated by MusIntegrACTION, striving to achieve exactly the same goals despite the very different conditions in each participating country».

    Kathrin Schneegaß. Project coordinator, Germany.


    «The MusIntegrACTION project helps to create a new barrier-free European identity that is solidary, democratic, participatory… But which is also an experience that will remain in our students’ hearts forever».

    María Jesús Gómez. Project coordinator, Spain.


    «This project is an excellent tool for the participating institutions to share information, reflecting on educational practice in curricular integration programmes and the objectives we propose for our students, within the framework of a European cultural heritage that unites us all».

    Ricardo Mateus. Project coordinator, Portugal.


    «The MusIntegrACTION project gives us the necessary time and space to discuss our task together as music educators and teachers».

    Federica Fortunato. Project coordinator, Italy.


    «MusIntegrACTION faces us with the challenge of improving what already exists (and which we thought was good), because it shows that it can (and should) be better. It opens the door to improving ourselves and learning from one another, as well as appreciating what we already have. MusIntegrACTION is the engine of the rEvolution of our centre’s Integrated Schedules Programme».

    Isabel Morales. Headmaster, Spain.


    «MusIntegrACTION is an opportunity to strengthen cultural ties and, more specifically, pedagogical and musical ones within the European Union».

    Joan Pagès. Project coordinator, Germany.


    «More work than anticipated, but with far greater impact than ever imagined! Students are motivated, and strong professional relationships have brought enlightenment and new energy».

    Emily Harris. Project coordinator, Italy.


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