• Logo Contest Rules for Erasmus+ Project 2018/2020

    ‘Off the beaten tracks!’

    • Each partner school is responsible for organizing the Logo Contest in their own school:
      • The project management team in each school will appoint a committee of five members (3 teachers/adults and 2 students who have not participated in the competition)
      • The committee will choose the 3 best ideas from their school. Only three entries per school are accepted for the final vote.
      • Once the selection of the best three logos has been made, each partner will upload their proposals in Twinspace, no later than November 10th 2018.
    • The purpose of the contest is to design the logo for the “Off the beaten tracks!” Erasmus+ Project.
    • The logo must represent the project, both in image and text. It must contain the name of the project (“Off the beaten tracks!”) and the name of the program (Erasmus+) and it should also contain references to the countries participating in the project (Germany, Portugal, Greece and France).
    • The logo can be handmade or it can be made by using a computer program. They must be original and not similar to existing ones or to any other copyrighted images.
    • The logo must be made on a
    • A4 size of paper and the final version of the logo will need to be suitable for printing. The entries must be submitted as a jpg, tiff or similar file.
    • The 12 logo ideas will be displayed in a virtual gallery on Twinspace - November 10th
    • All Students from all 4 schools will have the opportunity to vote for the logo idea they like the most out of the 12 (the ideas from their own school excepted) by answering to the survey poll displayed in the platform and by email to the team teachers of the four countries – November 12th to 14th.
    • Based on the number of votes in each country points are awarded:

      • ​​12 points – for the idea with the highest number of votes;

      • 10 points – for the idea with a 2nd highest number of votes; 

      • 8 points – for the idea in the 3rd place; 

      • 6 points – for the 4th place 

      • 4 points – for the 5th place 

      • 2 points – for the 6th place.

    • The winner will be chosen according to the votes of the partner schools and it will be announced: 

    • The winning logo will be used in all type of communication between the partners, including the website, the eTwinning platform, ... connected with the project.


    Feito com Padlet



    (12th -14th November)