• The Escola Básica D. João I is a public school located in a village near the capital city Lisbon, in the south riverside of Tagus.

    It is mainly an urban, residential and multicultural village, in which we can find a mixture of knowledge and cultures from different countries.

    Around 530 pupils attend this school with an average 10-17 years old students, organized among 20 classes. A great majority of our students have their own roots in African countries, due to the fact of our History and its strong relationship with these African ex-colonies in the past.

    We have also other three primary schools with about 400 students, organized in 17 classes.

    All the schools have 70 teachers lecturing. Furthermore, the schools are ruled by the headmaster, a deputy director and two assistant teachers.

    ‘For a citizen’s school’ is the theme of our Educational Project and its main aim is the social inclusion since school is the place where students are formed to be citizens in the future. We are focused in students’ rights/duties to be ensured in their lives so, we work out, mainly, the social values as an important topic in their future lives, which will certainly help them to prepare students to be a citizen aware of their rights, duties and the equality of opportunities and in this way to ‘build up’ a well conscience fullness of a personal, social and  scientific individual.