• Pek, the Traveller Flea, is an eTwinning project (which is part of Erasmus+, the EU program for school learning).

    The final results of the former editions were four comic books made among several European schools, published in all their languages, in PDF, web and print. Other results were: a radio channel, a set of merchandising objects, video-comic, video-tutorials, etc.

    Pek 5 is the 7th edition (2018/2019 is the 10th year of the team working together and 2019/2020 is the 11th year). We work with the native tongues of the partners, in addition to English, with the aim of creating a new comic book where Pek travels to the future.


    All the students and their parents for those under 18, teachers gave their consent to work on our project and for the publication of their photos, drawings, stories, voices.

    They all have been informed of the copyright issues and agreed that their work will be published with a creative commons license for our comic book.


    In this edition teachers and students are from:

     ☼ IES San Clemente, Santiago de Compostela (Galicia, Spain)

     ☼ Lycée Louis Blériot, Trappes (France)

     ☼ Střední škola průmyslová a umělecká, Hodonín (Czech Republic)

     ☼ Liceo Classico "S. G. Calasanzio", Carcare (Italy)

     ☼ Scoala Gimnaziala „Alexandru Stefulescu”, Targu Jiu (Romania)

    One of our school partners, who won the European Prize with Pek #3, had to leave the Pek project because its headmaster forbids them to take part in any eTwinning project:

     ☼ IES Rey Don García, Nájera (La Rioja, Spain)


    The project's main aims are:

     → To communicate between partners in English (Acquire confidence in their English competence).

     → To create a short comic story in mixed teams. (Work in a collaborative way through transnational teams, learn to create stories in a collaborative way and how to convert them into comics).

     → To discover and to learn our partners' languages. (Work in a collaborative way through transnational teams).

     → To use the languages of the partners and English language to record some sentences. (Radio Babel).

     → To create videos coordinating fixed images and recordings. (Improve the use of new information and communication technologies).

     → To learn about software tools such as: web browser, forum, wiki, blog; text, image, audio and video editors, etc. (Improve the use of new information and communication technologies).

     → To discover the different cultures of Europe. (To become more tolerant).

     → To create the feeling that pupils can build the future of Europe.


    Work process:

    ♦ Pupils have to decide their roles (scriptwriter, cartoonist, illustrator, translator, designer, painter) and they have to create seven teams of mixed nationalities.

    ♦ Each team creates its own script and draws one of the pages of the comic with black ink: the topic is based on a flea that travels in time and arrives in a European place on a certain date in the future. Once there, something funny happens to him.

    ♦ Every page is translated into all the native languages.

    ♦ Pupils at vocational training centers colour all the pages using GIMP and compose the comic using Scribus.

    ♦ There will be other activities such as: introduction, video, illustration creation activity, design of merchandising objects, forum, audio comic, Radio Babel, etc.


    ITC tools:

     ♫ Web browser.

     ♫ Twinspace tools.

     ♫ Text editor: Google Docs. MeetingWords. AnswerGarden

     ♫ Image editing software: The Gimp.

     ♫ Audio editing software: Audacity.

     ♫ Video: Camtasia.

     ♫ Scan software.


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