Bonfire Night 5 November in England


    In the UK we call the 5th of November Bonfire Night. We eat a type of sweet called bonfire toffee.We set off fireworks and hold sparklers and we have bright orange fires.In the dark you can see loads of different colours flying in the sky.As you all know that we celebrate bonfire night because Guy Fawkes tried to burn down the House of Parliament.Everyone stands outside to see the all the different colours blend together from the fireworks. 



    At C.E.I.P Froebel, in Pontevedra, we were learning about this celebration and we watched a video about the story.

    and we made our own fireworks.

    We coloured our paers used crayons in different colours.

    Then, we covered it with black crayon.

    And we drew our fireworks with a pencil.