Festivals ,traditions and School Commemorations


    Please add information about festivals and traditions in your country and region through the year.

    SPAIN-Galicia- C.E.I.P Plurilingüe Froebel.

    There are lots of festivals and traditions in Spain but we are going to start working with the ones we celebrate in Galicia , our region, on the North West of Spain.

    Some special dates require special atention to remenber them as relevant in our History or important events and discoverings to mankind.

    1st Term (September-December)

    26th of September- European Day of Languages

    4-10 of October- Space week.

    12th of October National Day.




    We also have many traditional festivals and commemorative days, but we have selected onlythe most  important and known by children.

    December 19 -The day of Saint Nicholas

    December 25th and January 7th- Cristmas in new style and Cristmas on old style

    January 1th and January 14th- New year on new gregorian  calendar and the New Year (,,Saint Vasile”)after the iulian calendar 

    March 1st Mărțișor-the first day of spring -Popular folk festival

    March 8 Women”s  Day 

    April 28 Easter and May 6 Easter blajini (Easter of the Dead)

    1 May Labor Day (day of rest for all )

    May9, The Day of Victory and commemoration of those who died in the Second World War

     June 1 Children”s Day

    August 27 independence Day

    August 31 Our Language Day