6- ANIMAL : MASCOTS and voting for the favorite one


    LILY, The White Stork

    (Italian Mascot)


    • Poland  1( Szemund) : Bears - Mia and Mo
    • Spain-Tudela : Cow and Bull - Lola and Ferdinand
    • Italy : White Stork- Lily
    • Poland 2 (Dąbrowa Chełmińska) : BEAR- His name is RAY :)
    • Croatia Ivanić Grad: Beaver- Bo
    • Poland 3 (Kędzierzyn-Koźle)- EAGLE- Joe
    • Scotland : The Highland Cow -Hamish
  • Mascot

    Italian mascot: Lily the stork

    Our mascot is Lily , a white stork that travels to Europe to get to know new places. She has a hat on her head and a bag full of postcards that she collects as a souvenir of the places she has visited. She is very curious and talkative and her performance is elegant and sinuous.

    Poland 1 Szemud : Bears Mia and Mo

    Mia and Mo are two little teddy bears that love traveling, during which they meet new friends and discover new places

    Croatian mascot : Beaver Bo

    Bo is a beaver that lives in forest Žutica nearby Ivanić- Grad. He is very interested in travelling and meeting knew places in Europe and interesting people. He is especially interested getting to know new children and ask them if they are nature keepers .

    Poland 3 (Kędzierzyn-Koźle): EAGLE "Joe"

    Eagle- Joe is a very wise, beautiful and observant bird. He has many friends with whom he spends time creating interesting things. Joe is very sensitive to art. He loves to see paintings and other works of art from various corners of the world. His friends appreciate him for strength, courage, cleverness, creativity and artistic abilities. Let's invite Joe to our project. He willingly helps us in creating interesting things.

    Hamish the Highland Cow

    A short story created by Westercraigs Nursery children.

    Our mascot is Hamish the Highland Cow. Hamish likes to eat grass. Hamish has three babies called Cookie, Cherry and Ella. The three babies like to go exploring and went to the deep, dark forest, the babies ate snow and it made them grow into giants. The babies then got lost in Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland where they met cheeky monkeys who threw bananas at them, a scary gorilla and a hungry lion who ate the babies. Hamish saved the babies and opened the lions stomach. Hamish and his babies found a new home - Alexandra Park, Scotland.

    Spanish mascot: Lola the cow and Ferdinand the bull

    Lola and Ferdinand are a cow and a bull that love eating grass from different places meanwhile admire the beautifulness of the european cities. They are part of the movement called Cow Parade. They form part of the art of the city where they are.


    Our bear Ray, is a little glutton....like every bear loves honey but also he is busy as a bee:) because he loves travel!

  • What animal-mascot do you prefer? each school will vote for the one that prefers (excluding that of own school) .Please write mascot name preferred near own nation
    1)Poland1 votes: Lily
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    2)Poland2 votes :
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    3)Poland3 votes: Lily
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    4)Spain votes : Lily
    0 votes (0%)
    5)Italy votes: Mia and Mo
    1 vote (50.00%)
    6)Croatia votes:Lily
    1 vote (50.00%)
    7)Scotland votes:
    0 votes (0%)