Project tasks

  • SEPTEMBER 2018

    • We introduce the project to our pupils by playing a QR Code game. The QR codes contain the basic information such as the title, the duration, the number of partners and the countries. Partners make a collage or a video presenting the game and add it in the page 'The QR Codes Game'.
    • After the game, the pupils play a kahoot quiz with questions about the project related to the QR Code Game. Then the pupils write their opinion and score in the Forum.
    • All partners send 7 questions about their country to Croatian partners who will make a quiz for all pupils to play. The quiz will also be played at the end of the project to check the knowledge acquired during the project!
    • All partners make a presentation or a video about their country and city. They upload their presentations /videos on the page 'Our country/city'.
    • Create a blog in your native language using Blogger.
    • All partners upload 5-6 photos of their school in the Materials so that we can all use them to present our partners in the Erasmus+ Corners.  

    OCTOBER 2018

    • We have a logo competition. Each school runs a competition among the students. The logos can be in any form the students like (by hand or online creations) but they need to be related to the topic of our project. Then the students vote for the best 2 logos that will represent their school. All partners upload photos and a text about the procedure they followed in their schools in the page 'Project logo', below the final voicethread presentation. Deadline: end of October.
    • Each partner creates a padlet and adds it on the page 'Introductions - Students'. Students add a post introducing themselves. They also read their partners posts and add comments below them.
    • We create videos presenting our schools. We add them in a Padlet (shelf format) with a column for each country so that partners can ask questions about each school below the post of its video. Pupils answer the questions as comments.
    • All partners create a popplet about their country/city and add it in the page 'Our country/our city' below the presentations. The pupils watch the presentations and add popples with the info they learned in their partners' popplets. They can also add more info and images after searching the Internet.

    NOVEMBER 2018

    • The final phase of the logo competition starts. All schools must look at the voicethread presentation on the page Project logo'and choose the 3 logos they like the most -they can't choose their own. Then they add a new identity in the voicethread that will show their country's flag and they will add 3 comments on the 3 logos. They will give 3 points to their most favourite onem 2 points to their second most favourite one and 1 point to their third most favourite one. Deadline:16th November
    • We need to create our project mascot. First students choose what their mascot will be like in a Tricider that is in TwinSpace on the page ‘Project Mascot’. Deadline: 15th November. Then students create a mascot and each school should have its best mascot participate in the final voting. The winner will be the 'Minister of Culture' while the other finalists will be the 'Ambassadors of Culture'. The deadline for creating and choosing the best one from each country is 10th December (send Barbara the photo) and the deadline for choosing the best one is 22nd December. (It will be done in the same way as the logo.) 
    • We make a collage of your country’s Christmas and New Year’s customs using the web tool ThingLink. The collage should have tags with videos presenting the Christmas customs. Deadline: end of  November. Then in December partners add tags on their partners’ thinglink images asking questions or commenting on the customs while they answer the questions/comments added on their own thinglink image. 
    • We make and send traditional Christmas cards and some traditional Christmas tree decorations (just a few ornaments)  to all the partner schools.  They should be sent by the end of November. And also make some ecards and send them to the coordinators emails and show it to your pupils. Deadline: 21st December.
    • We make a poster about eSafety. Each country has to start a poster using PosterMyWall and the others contribute to it. Rania has made a Class Project in PosterMyWall. Your task is to start your poster with the topic you got and everyone should contribute to it. You have to login as a student and the password is culture safety. Deadline: 23rd November 
      Here is the list: 
      ‘Netiquette’ - Croatia 
      ‘Copyright’ - Poland 
      ‘Personal data’ - Greece 
      ‘Online reputation’ - Cyprus 
      ‘Social networking’ - Italy
      ‘Cyberbullying’ - Spain
    • We send a traditional Christmas song. Send the lyrics, translation and the video of your pupils singing the song. But you have to learn just the chorus. Here is the list: Poland - Italy - Greece - Croatia - Cyprus - Spain (Spain sends it to Poland) Deadline: 20th November  
    • We organise a video conference.  Deadline: 23rd November 

    DECEMBER 2018

    • Advent calendar - we put our advent calendar on our blogs, kids do the tasks each day.
    • We make and send traditional Christmas cards and some traditional Christmas tree decorations (just a few ornaments) to all the partner schools. They should be sent by the end of November. And we also make some cards and send them to the coordinators' emails and show them to our pupils. Deadline: 21st December
    • Christmas customs- Thinglink-  we add tags on partners’ thinglink images asking questions or commenting on the customs and answer the questions/comments added on our own thinglink image.
    • Project mascot- we make the mascots till  21st December. We vote for 2 best ones till 12th January and send them to Barbara. We vote for the best one on VoiceThread that Barbara will create (3, 2 and 1 point) Deadline: 20th January
    • Modern Christmas song- pupils vote for their favourite modern Christmas song. Here is the link where they should do it Deadline for voting: 10th December. After we choose a song each country will have to learn and make a video of one part of the song. Helena will send each of you your part. You will send Helena a video of your part and she will make a common video. Deadline: 21th December (for sending her the video) The song should be in English. 
    • We make a video singing the chorus of the partner’s traditional Christmas song. Deadline: 21st December 
    • Videoconference-  we find a pair for this month. Deadline: 21st December (make a short video of your VC and post it to Twinspace/ Video conferences)
    • We disseminate the project. 


    • Each country sends the photos of the 2 mascots to Barbara. Deadline: 12th January. We vote for the best one on VoiceThread that Barbara will create and put on TwinSpace (3, 2 and 1 point). Deadline: 20th January
    • Christmas customs (Thinglink) We add tags on partners’ hinglink images asking questions or commenting on the customs and answer the questions/comments added on our own thinglink images. Deadline: 21st January
    • We make a presentation (it can be a PowerPoint as our pupils will have to present it to others) about carnival customs of our country for the meeting in Spain. Deadline: 15th February
    • We send a picture of a traditional mask and the list of materials we need in order to make it to Monica so that she can buy the things we need. Deadline: 5th February
    • We send Monica a recipe for an easy traditional dish from our country and also upload the file on Twinspace/ Materials/ Files. She will buy the ingredients and if she has problems with finding something she will let us know and we will bring it ourselves. Deadline: 5th February
    • Videoconference - we find a pair for this month. Deadline:
      31st January

    MARCH 2019

    • We organize Erasmus+ Day (ppt about Madrid and Montealegre Del Castillo, Cuenco; traditional games; traditional dishes)
    •  We create an online exhibition presenting masks. Deadline: end of March
    •  We create an e-cookbook (Mixbook). Deadline: end of March
    •  We send partners our traditional songs (lyrics, music, video). Deadline: 10th March
    • We create a common Google slide presentation on Easter customs 
    • Traditional Easter cards and e-cards. Deadline: end of March

    APRIL 2019

    • We create Our Favourite Easter customs survey - after Easter
    • We send pictures of our traditional costumes to Barbara. Deadline 8th April
    • We create a presentation on our countries' traditional costumes (before the visit to Poland)
    • We write a common song (chorus - Poland; Cyprus, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Spain- one verse- 4 lines). Deadline: before the meeting in Poland

    MAY/JUNE 2019

    • We create our common rap dance (14 May)
    • We create a common presentation on Motanka dolls in traditional costumes (the end of May)
    • We create and take part in a survey on our favourite Easter habits
    • We create evaluation word clouds (Evaluation page)
    • We create and take evaluation surveys after the first year of the project
    • We create a video presenting our Folk Song Competition (Poland)
    • We create a video presenting our common rap song and dance 
    • We organize an Erasmus+ Day devoted to the visit to Poland.

    SEPTEMBER 2019 

    • We create a Googe Doc where we add some popular common phrases in all the partner languages. 
    • We create a voicethread presentation where we add these phrases. Each partner records the phrase in their own language.
    • Videoconferences are organised between partners so that pupils can practise these phrases.
    • Pupils add posts in the page 'European Day of Languages' saying which phrases they learned.
    • Pupils vote in the page's poll saying which language they have found easiest!
    • Pupils also add a reply in the page's discussion talking about the languages athey speak, they learn and they'd like to learn!

    OCTOBER 2019

    • POPULAR AUTHORS: Each partner chooses a popular author for children from their country. A presentation is created in littlebirdtales where each partner adds 5 pages with a summary of the most popular book by this author as well as drawings for each page. Pupils record the texts at the end.
    • WEBQUEST: A webquest is created with questions about the 6 authors which the pupils will have to do during the workshop in the trip in Cyprus. They will also have to make a poster in postermywall with the information on each author as well as add some important dates about his life and books in a common timeline.

    NOVEMBER 2019

    • FAKEBOOK: All partners add their mascot ant in a fakebook (found here). Using the password bits they add posts and comments. The topic is 'Reading books'. The ants start discussing the 6 favourite books presented at the meeting in Cyprus and continue with their impressions and ideas, They also suggest other favourite books!

    DECEMBER 2019

    • Christmas recipes/Guess the ingredients: All partners choose 2 popular Christmas dishes - one main dish and one dessert - and add the images in a common voicethread presentation, on the page 'Christmas 2019'. Then they try to guess the ingredients of each dish and record their guesses. They also add a written comment with their guesses. Deadline: end of December
    • Pupils from all partners can add their own guess for the dishes in Twinboard as well as their own opinion of the dishes.

    JANUARY 2020

    • Each partner reveals the ingredients and says who was closer to the right answer with a comment in Voicethread!
    • Our History BookWe start a common e-magazine with 3-4 pages focusing on a partner city. Partners add a photo with a short text presenting their city throughout its History. We are going to use Canva to make this e-magazine.  Rania will invite you to the common e-magazine. Each city gets 3-4 pages depending on the amount of content you have. Deadline: 20 February 2020. Link to our history Book is here.

    FEBRUARY 2020

    • Online drawing: Each partner proposes a cultural theme (one of the 6 topics of our project) and creates at least one Colorillo drawing (pairs: Croatia - Spain, Italy - Greece, Cyprus - Poland). The drawings are downloaded and saved in the Album 'Colorillo drawings' in the Materials and then added in the page 'Cultural online drawings'. Deadline: end of February.

      MARCH / APRIL 2020

    • Common History Escape Room checking the knowledge of our hometown's history: Each country works on the story for the Escape Room and on questions concerning their history. 


             SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2020

    • Introductions: New pupils introduce themselves with a photo or an avatar and a short text (general information & interests) on one common Padlet. Others look, read and try to find their soul friends. When they find them, they write it in the comment.
    • History Escape Room (Genially): Pupils read our History Book and then play our History Escape Room.
    • Project Escape Room (Genially): Teachers create  an Escape Room to introduce the new pupils to our project activities.
    • Quiz on Internet Safety and Netiquette: Pupils read the information gathered on the posters created during the first year of the project and take the quiz checking their knowledge.
    • Board Games: Each partner creates a board game with questions from our common Google Doc. The questions should be from all the partners. The board games are created in using our common account. Croatia works on the topic of Geography, Spain on Festivals, Poland on Music and Dance, Cyprus on Language and Literature, Italy on Monuments and Greece on Visual Arts. Deadline: 30 November.


    • UNESCO World Heritage Sites: During the virtual meeting in Italy we create an e-book presenting the UNESCO World Heritage Sites from all the partner countries. This presentation will be used in each school to celebrate the UNESCO World Heritage Monuments and Sites on April 18. We show three sites from each country (one can be the one that we visited during the stay and two are new ones). We prepare drawings or photos we took. We can also use a video from that site (A person can just say hi and record the place).  The drawings/images can be uploaded in the album 'UNESCO sites'. The web tool we will use is Google Slides
    • Modern Wonders - Common interactive map: Pupils from each country will choose two monuments (a building, a bridge, a dam, a statue…) from their countries. We make a survey using Google forms in your schools and choose 2 with the most points. We prepare drawings or photos we took and add them in the Image Album 'Modern Wonders'. In Italy's meeting by working in international teams they will create an interactive map with those monuments. This map will be used in English, Geography and History classes in every school. The web tools we will use are Google SlidesTripline. Go to page 'Modern Wonders'  Barbara will invite you to it. 
    • Presentation of pupils' favourite places in their country: Pupils who will participate in the virtual meeting in Italy will choose their favourite place in their country and make a common presentation in order to celebrate the International Tourist Guide Day which is celebrated on February 21. The web tool we will use Padlet.Pupils have to prepare photos (put them on Twinspace before the meeting, in the 'Favourite Places' album) and be able to add a short description of the place. Go to page 'Our favourite places'.

    JANUARY 2021

    • Narrative painting: Each partner creates a painting and uploads it on a common voicethread presentation. Then each partner looks at the paintings of the partners and writes a short story for each one (about 5-10 sentences each). The voicethread presentation is on subpage 'Narrative painting'. Deadlines: end of January for the paintings, and 15th February for the stories.
    • Virtual visit in Patra: Pupils who will participate in the virtual visit in Patra will add a post in the padlet on page '6-PAINTING & PHOTOGRAPHY' introducing themselves before the visit.
    • Photo competition: Pupils participate in a photo competition based on the 4 Elements of Nature, Air, Water, Fire and Earth. Their best photos are added in the padlet in the right column. The padlet is in the subpage 'Photographs'. During the visit, the pupils will look at all the photos and will rate them. The 4 winner photographers will get a badge!
    • Draw a painting: All partners choose a famous and rather easy to draw painting of their country and upload it in the padlet found on the page 'Paintings'. During the visit, pupils are assigned in 6 groups and each group tries to paint (by hand or online) the assigned painting. Their work is also uploaded in the padlet, in the right column. Deadline for uploading a painting: end of January
    • Funny memes
    • Selfies

    FEBRUARY 2021

    • Pop-up museum: Each partner finds 3 traditional objects of their country. During the visit, pupils watch all the objects and try to find some info on them.
    • Present a painting: Each partner chooses 2 famous paintings/scultures from their country and uploads them in posters. During the visit, the pupils, in 6 international groups, need to look at 2 of the posters and searching the Internet to look for some information and add it in the poster (name of painting and painter, date of creation and some info around the painting). To access the posters they go to and give the class project code '......' (found on the relevant page).
    • Trivial Pursuit Game: We create one game with 6 topics (same as above) in using our common account. Each partner adds 5 questions from each country (using the Google doc).
    • Easter Survey: Watch our presentations on Easter customs (go to 2. Food &Festivals: EASTER). Choose your favourite custom from another country. Then go to and use the code 38 27 16 0 to vote.   You can also use the link without the code: