The secret life of insects in our school gardens, or about butterflies, bees and other arthropods.

During the project, we will take a look at the natural diversity of arthropods in our school gardens. Welcome & join us! :)

Project plan


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   Planned project activities by month:

September: starting work on the project and getting to know the project teams

September / October: observation of insects in school gardens at the end of the growing season of plants. Insect recognition and start creating a school insect atlas.

October: teleconferences with partner schools; filed activities about biology and ecology arthropods


November / December: biology and ecology of insects; creating and sending cards to partners


January / February: the role of bees and ants in the world of nature; pupils draw and describe the species of insect chosen in English


February: teleconferences

March / April: construction of a large model of the selected insect; creating a book of arthropods in our area


April:  creating social campaign for the protection of bees

April / May: field activities; planting and sowing plants that the bees feed on

May: construction and erecting of houses for insects in the school gardens, observation and recognition of insects; teleconferences

June: filed activites; history of bee keeping and practical application of products from insects; summary of the project.

Author: Tomasz Ordza
Last editor: Seda Göçhan