The secret life of insects in our school gardens, or about butterflies, bees and other arthropods.

During the project, we will take a look at the natural diversity of arthropods in our school gardens. Welcome & join us! :)


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Partner schools will know the natural variety of arthropods in the school gardens. 

During the project, we will take a look at the natural diversity of insects in our school gardens. 
We will focus primarily on the biology and ecology 
of bees and butterflies. 
We will get to know the structure and the roles of these insects. 
We will try to get to know their secret life 
and the role in the community in the case of bees or ants. The main objective will be 
to plant crops that bees can feed on. We will learn the functions of butterflies, bees 
and ants in artificial and natural ecosystems. We will talk about the importance 
of preserving these arthropods for future generations. The students will do a lot of 
work during fieldwork - they will recognize organisms based on atlases and keys 
for marking species. The students will mark the observation plots for the organisms, 
set up the insect houses and make their mock-ups. They also learn about the history 
of beekeeping and the properties of products that make bees.

We will learn about their biology and ecology, and we will also design 
a model of the selected arthropod. 
The project will last for the entire school year 2018/2019. 
There are s lot of adventures and tasks ahead of us. 

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Author: Tomasz Ordza
Last editor: Seda Göçhan