Write Story


    Story Name : Life of a Butterfly

    Everyone will write two pages. We should follow each other.

    We will write stories : 1. Nalan 2. Zuza 3. Ewa 4. Danica 5. Glorıa 6.Susana 7. Sineta 8. Ela

    1.Little butterfly was very happy. Because spring has come. There were colorful  flowers. Sun was shinning. Butterfly wants to fly and flap. Flying was exciting. In this way butterfly be able to see new places and make new friends .

    2. But suddenly butterfly  felt its wing are bit tired. Butterfly need to have some rest.there were  a yellow flower. butterfly went to sit near to flower for rest . But yellow flowers was little angry. Flower doesn’t want to be friend with anyone.

    Yellow flower:

    -I don’t want you. Go away

    Butterfly feel very sad. Butterfly did not know what to do.

    3.   Come to me, said the red flower
           come to me, said the blue flower
           come to me, said white flower ....
           All the flowers were inviting him to himself, but the yellow flower was still frowning.
           The red butterfly chose a blue flower. He sat down and he rested.
           A yellow butterfly slept on the red flower.  Ladybirds were talking about the flowers they saw on the meadow.        

    4. The yellow butterfly woke up, waving his wings, and greeted the little butterfly.
         Did you relax? Yes.
         - replied the red butterfly
         The little butterflies have thanked the flowers and left to find new friends ... 

    5. When they flyed behind a forrest, they saw a little bees. 
    Who you are? asked buterlyes.
    We are a bees, answered.
    We are looking for a new friends, would you like be our friends? said buterflyes.
    Yes, od course, said bees.
    We can play together our favourite game hide and seek.
    But we don´t now this game, said dad bees. 
    You have to find a place, when you can hide, we will seek you and than in reverse order, we will hide and you will seek us.
    And they started a game.



    6. After few minutes bees are so tired, becouse it wasn´t so easy to found butreflyes, especialy when they hidden on a yellow and red flowers. 
    We will play other game. We will play tag, diecided bees.
    They simply flyed together and run around a forrest. 

    When they was verry tired after games,they was fall asleep.

    The bees and butterflies searched the corners for sleeping.

     Early in the morning, a small butterfly woke up and called out: "Get up, the sun shines." Let´s go ahead. On the way, looking for new friends and new adventures ...«

    All friends  woke up, washed their cheeks, smoothed their wings and flew away.

    During the journey, they joked and laughed. How beautifull life can be.

    Suddenly a deep buzz is heard: "Bzzzzzzzz."

    Friends looked  and ... o horror,  horror, hornet was flying and chasing them.


     "Let's go!" The bees squealed.

    Quickly, away, away! "The butterflies called.

    Butterflies and bees flew as fast as they could.

    "We will not succeed!" Said the Yellow Butterfly.

    "You're right," said the Red Butterfly

     "We have to hide," said the Bee.

    And they did. They hide in the flowers, under the branches, behind  the trees.

    The Hornet was very, very angry, buzzing and grunting, searching for them everywhere- but he could not find them.

    Then he started to be  even more angry than before – at the end he  flew away.

    "Uf, he has gone. Finnaly." Said the Yellow butterfly.

    "We did it," friends said. They were very happy.

    Then they flew forward - towards new adventures.


    The butterfly saw a rainbow

    and she went there

    There were a thousand butterflies there

    And they were all at the spring festival

    that the fairy of the forest celebrated




    There were strawberry cakes and tea of flowers

    And everyone was dancing







    The party lasted till dawn. Everyone was tired but very happy.

    They decided that they would often organize parties and parties together.