Spring and Music

  • Danica Zver/ Slovenia

    Palčki sings a song about caterpillar. 

    The caterpillar was leaning, slowly on the tree, waved  for a long time, waved for a short time.
     She climbed up to me, I gave it to the pot, »Do not escspe me!«, I burned, I said ... When I looked into the pot, she was not there, but the butterfly was flying beautifully in front of my  window.



    Our butterfly´s dance

    Bird´s class sing a traditional czech easter song
    Boys sing this song when they want easter sweets and eggs to take home

    Bird´s song about how is wonderfull world and what we can do if we want if the earth be left still wonderfull.




    Little Frog

    Zuzana Garajová, Vlkanová / SLOVAKIA

    Spring song

    Danica Zver Slovenia

    Na polju rožice cveto,

    na drevju pa ptički pojo,

    z neba nam sveti sonček zlat, že prišla je k nam pomlad.

    Iz gozda sem pa znani glas naznanja, da prišla je v vas

    spet drobna, mila kukavca, srca moj'ga ljubica.


    The flowers are blooming on a field,

    Birds are singing on trees,

     A golden Sun is shining from the sky

    A spring has come again to us

    A well - known voice from a forest announces

    A return of a tiny, dear cockroach,

    My sweetheart's heart.



    Gloria García Ruano








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