Project ideas

  • Hello dear partners!  This is the place where we can share our ideas, talk about time management and take other important decisions. Please feel free to comment each other and suggest. PLEASE, WRITE IN DIFFERENT COLOURS  IT WILL BE EASIER TO UNDERSTAND WHO IS WHO.

    Activity 1 Students get to know each other.

    • Option 1- I create the padlet for each team in TwinSpace and each class presents themselves. Presentation somehow should include our food preferences.
    • I like the padlet idea (K.Sz.)
    • Option 2- each team chooses its own tool for presentation

    Activitty 1+ : cooking dictionary

    • I could create an online Powerpoint Presentation to be edited by everyone. Each group would be respinsible for one slide with the English vocabulary connected with cooking.
    • OK Good idea and not complicated at all. Maybe we can choose the same words and then show how they look in all our languages (Inara)
    • I like this idea :) and the "dictionnary" can be interessing for all of us :) (Petra)

    Activity 2 OUR MENU (Karolina`s suggestion)

    • Each team fills in the information about their favourite dishes - breakfast, main dish, dessert, starters (each of them might be as a subpage.)- 1 proposal from each team
    • We can get different recipes from each country and then create different menus with the ones the students think will like most. Because we are many countries involved, this can mean that we have something from each country throughout the menus. 
    • I suggest that we add as many dishes as we want to the sections (breakfast, starter, dessert, main dish) without creating a well-composed-menu I think this will be less time consuming. (Inara) I agree with Inara

    Activity 3  Each team choose one of their national dishes and show other how to make it by VIDEO (in style of TV cooking shows). The videos can be accompanied by a written recipe. If we do this, students can get a full recipe book by the end.

    • As my students will cook at home they will work in small teams and produce more dishes. If we gat more dishes from partner school we would have more options to chose what to cook.
    • Our team has planned this as an activity for whole class and each student will have different task/role in it.  Parents also willl be involved. (Inara)

    Activity 4 Partners evaluate videos and show how they can make dishes offered by their partners. We will need to create a rubric. What do you mean? (Inara)

    Short project evaluation by students. (questionnaire maybe.....)

    • Peer assessment.
    • Self-evaluation
    • kahoot about the dishes presented during the project


    Karolina Szurek