School Subjects

  • School Subjects
    English Slovak Serbian Turkish Spanish
    Mother tongue slovenský jazyk Српски језик


    In Turkish  primay school,school   subjects    are    life   science,science,turkish,mathematics, Painting   lesson,music,english and   physical   education.School starts   at   nine  o`clock.School   ends

    At    two  thirty.There   is  a   lunch   break   in   all   schools   in Turkey.The  duration   of   the   lesson is   40   minutes.After     the  school,there   are    some   activities   in our school.These   activities  are Folk    dances,chess,kuran   kerim,football  and   basketball.My    pupils   like   these   activities.There  are    first    classes,second   classes,third    classses  and   fourth   classes  in   Primary schools   in turkey.In   the   first   class,the  students    learn   reading   and   writing.In   the   second   class,They start   to learn  English.In   Turkey   ,the   schools   are  primary   school,middle  school ,high   school and   university.

    Writing písanie Српски језик ( on these class we learn writing, creative writing, reading, grammar, vocal exercises, acting,..)    
    Reading čítanie      
    Creative writing Tvorivé písanie      
    Mathematics Matematika Математика    
    Biologhy Prírodoveda Природа и друштво ( on these classes laern also and biologhy, history, geography,  physics, social skills)    
      Vlastiveda - it is History and Geography in one      
    P.E. Telesná výchova Физичко васпитање    
    Religious education Náboženská výchova Верска настава    
    Ethical education Etická výchova Грађанско васпитање    
    IT education Informatická výchova Од играчке до рачунара    
    Music Hudobná výchova Музичка култура    
    English language Anglický jazyk Енглески језик    
    Art Výtvarná výchova Ликовна култура    
      Pracovné vyučovanie - learn to work with different materials - sew, create from different materials decorative products, and so on.      


    (this is class where we talk about thing that happend during that week, or we learn how to take care about our health, how to manage our time, or something else that is important  to our pupils and it has nothing to do with what we learn on other classes. We have this class once a week)


    Слободне активности

    ( on these classes we prepare for different competitions like national math competition, Kangaroo, Mislisa, Beaver- it`s ICT competition), Recitatoin competition,...We have this classes once or twice o week) 


    Допунска настава

    ( this is supplementary class which we have once or twice of week for those pupils that have some issue with what we learned that week on Math or Serbian langue classes, or any other one if there is some issue)

    Basic information   Because we have lot of pupils our school has to work in two shifts; one week we go to school in the morning, and ohter in the afternoon    
    School starts at 7:55 start the first lesson

    at 8:00 when we have morning classes

    at 13:30 when we have afternoon classes

    duration of the lesson 45 minutes 45 minutes    
    End of the education about 13:25 

    about 12:25 when we have morning classes

    about 17: 55 when we have afternoon classes

    Afternoon acitivies