• (23 APR - 27 ABR) (During 3 days, the ones you like)

    Mission 5 is about a "Space Fair". In the fair we'll exhibit the wallpapers; all the crafts and other stuff of the class concerning the space project; the video of the astronaut Pedro Duque talking to the project members (in a laptop or computer for example); and a big photo of the astronaut Luca Parmitano with a brief text saying how he answered us to our questions.

    But the idea is to make a great etwinning event of it. The fairs should be open to all Project Community, so the families get aware of this Great Thing called Etwinning. To accomplish that, I need all of you to open the school for your families during these days, so they can visit in person the fairs (the fair can take place in a spare classroom for example). Please make photos of the moment.

    And also the fair must be open to all of us, by broadcasting live on line, in streaming. The only tool that I know works well is the "GO LIVE" option of youtube. But of course you will have to create a gmail account if you haven't got it yet, so these are the steps:

    1st - Create a Gmail Account if you haven't got any

    2nd - Enter in Youtube, sign in and follow the instructions of this video that I've found:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Ya5hn94REA  (It's very easy)

    3rd - Although the fair should be open for 3 days, we will broadcast all of us the 25th. The fair should start and finish at the same time the school day does. You will have to share the link as you like (school web, e-mail, note...) with all the families of your schools. And also, write that link in this page below, so the rest of us can share it as well with our families. The idea is that all the families of our communities are able to see all the fairs if they like the same day. (In my case, I will paste the links in a a blog we have at school for informing our school community about etwinning, so they can watch the fairs they like, I give you the link if you want to do something similar https://etwinninghuertas.blogspot.com.es/ )

    It's like a videoconference but better, because the families can watch all the fairs from home or work in their computers or mobile phones!!!!

    I know it sounds difficult, but it's easier than you think, truly. So go ahead and enjoy your fairs!!!!!!!!! Any doubt, just tell me.


    Primary School in KamieĊ„, Poland: https://youtu.be/BUuDW9NK8EA, https://youtu.be/mPFeEWUS1OI; SIX HOURS OF EXHIBITION IN HALF AN HOUR: https://youtu.be/3GiIbHNFzDE

     HUERTAS MAYORES, TUDELA SPAIN: https://youtu.be/L9yXOM7rcdA

    Kindergarten"Nikola Vaptsarov,Assenovgrad, Bulgaria, https://youtu.be/TRZim5ZA0Ew

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