• 4th April – 9th May

    Our students make project mascots (you can involve parents, too). We upload the photos of the mascots onto the board below.

    10th April – 11th May

    We choose the project mascot (voting below).

    14th May – 18th May

    Each project group suggests a name for the mascot.

    21st – 24th May

    We choose the name for the mascot.


    Dotstorming instructions

    1) How to add your photos?

    - Write your name in the window “Enter your name to participate” and click “Join”.

    - Click „Upload an Image” (top right corner) – a window will pop up.

    - Click “Select Images” and choose the photo from your computer.

    - Click „Upload” – your photo should appear on "board".

    2) How to vote?

    - Each project group can vote for 5 mascots.

    - Vote by clicking the circle below the picture. If you've voted correctly, it'll turn green.

    - If you change your mind about voting, click the green dot again (the colour will vanish) and choose the one you want.