• (20 MAR - 20 ABR) An entire month

    Mission 3 is about a painting or canvas. It was an idea of Empar Cogollos from Barcelona, she wanted to work space through art and I think it was a great idea. I have been thinking about it and I'd like to suggest you, explorers, to make a giant painting among all the students of your schools. Therefore, each school will paint one. I think it's a good idea to get all pupils from our schools involved in the project. Each school will decide in which technique they approach their painting (modern art, collage, futurism, cubism, being alike painters from our countries...), but the painting has to be about space, of course (if you like you can treat the topics missed in the wallpapers mission, but help yourself). The material to be used as a painting is free. It could be painted on a wall, or a big paper, canvas, etc. But there is a requirement I'd like all the schools to follow, space is big so our painting should be big too. The size of the painting must be 2m x 2m, so we leave in our schools a mark left by our space project, something great to remain for years. Also in the painting we will have to add somehow the litlle wordcards sent by post along with the wallpapers, so that our pupil's names will be part of the painting.

    ​A padlet file will be created to upload and share our art.