Primary School Žitavany - Introduction of our school (Eglish)

  • Primary school J. V. Šimka ŽITAVANY, Slovakia

    Our school is situated in the western part of our country. It has got about 160 pupils aged from 6 to 15. It is the primary school so children attend the classes in years 1 to 9. The primary schools in Slovakia represent the compulsary part of education. Children go to school five days a week, BUT (it sounds amazing for us) our parents used to have lessons in the afternoon and on Saturdays too... Fortunately, these times have already passed... :-) School lessons start at ten to eight in the morning and usually finishes at quarter past one. Then children leave school or go to school's club. Some pupils have lunch at the school canteen which is built next to the school.

    The pupils from class 6A who take part in this project have common subjects like Slovak language, Literature, Maths, History, Geography, Physics, ICT, Art, Music, Technology, PE nad RE. They have been learning English since the age of 8. English is a compulsory foreign language. They will start with German or Russian language next year. Parents of the pupils have to choose one of them. We use Project class books and work books.We have lessons three times a week, however I think it is much enough. I would prefer one lesson extra in a week. If the pupils agree...I am not sure... :-)