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Panathinaea-The games dedicated to Goddess Athena

Here is our Greek - Italian colaborative film for Panathinaea:



As you have read in the Athena and Poseidon myth, Goddess Athena was the protector of the city of Athens.

Panathenaic Games were held every 4 years in Athens in honor of Goddess Athena. They were very important for the Atheneans and they were celebrated properly.


In the begging of the Games a ritual took place consisted of numerous sacrifices to Athena as well as Poseidon. 

An imposing parade was held. The most beautiful girls took part in the parade and they transferred the veil of Athena to the Parthenon.

The veil (peplos) was woven by a team of maidens for 9 months.

The Games took place in the Kalimarmaro Stadium

and some of them were pankration, wrestling, javelin throw, discus throw, racing events etc

Panathenaean apart of the athletic events included music and cultural competition as well.


After you have read the Panthenaean Games you can recreate a part of the procession of the veil, an ancient dance and some of the panathenaic athletic events.


Author: Stella Spanou
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