Travelling with mythology

Classical mythology (Greek and Roman) has always had a profound influence on the evolution of European culture. Poets, writers, artists of all time have found inspiration in the ancient Greeks and Romans myths and poems. This project aims to guide students on a journey, an odyssey and an adventure in the world of classical mythology to discover the...

What to do: tasks for students


Do you know that like the fairy tales, that surely you will always have heard or read, even the Greek and Roman myths can you  drive in an enchanted world of heroes, gods, unlikely situations, can make you feel emotions and feelings,  can make you dream? Have you ever tried to read one? These myths were created by our ancient ancestors to understand the surrounding reality, to explain natural phenomena, animals, and even the creation of human beings. The Greeks and Romans have created many gods who had power over every aspect of life and society of the time: the sea, lightning, earth, family, etc. Both peoples have created figures of great heroes and warriors to enhance the values which were the basis of their society, such as strength, courage, cunning, skill on the battlefield,  athleticism, beauty and superior intelligence, etc. 

What of the mythological world  is still present in our society?

 This project will guide you on a journey, an odyssey and an adventure, into the Greek and Roman world to make you discover the pleasure of reading, to become familiar with Greek and Roman gods and heroes, find out how to get the old values and ideals are still relevant and can be a guide for us to orient ourselves in the world in which we live today.






1 TASK - Getting to know each others

2 TASK -  In the world of myths - The 12 Labors of Hercules, Pandora's Box, Iliad and Odyssey are just some of the myths that the ancient Greeks and Romans have handed. What are the others?

  •  Organize yoursef in small international groups using the Google doc belowe
  • with members of your group seeks other myths
  •  realize a collaborative presentation using Google Drive Presentations.
  • share it in the Twinspace with other groups so that all may learn to know better the Greek and Roman mythology.
  • Observe carefully all the the presentations shared and eventually vote for what you like more.

3  TASK - Meet the Gods and the heroes - The Greek and Roman myths had starring several the Gods and heroes. Who were these Gods and heroes? What were their characteristics? What powers they had? After investigating about them using the informations gained realizes some riddle and quizzes.


4. TASK -Gods and heroes of the 21st century - The Greek and Roman mythology is an important witness to the values, ideals and norms of the society of that time. 

  • Using Tagul create aword could of values, ideals, trades emerging from the reading of the myths.
  • Among the famous people of today society that you  know there are people who for their quality may embody some Greek and Roman ideals and values? What? Why? Presents some of the people that you think are the most significant.

   What are some values, ideas, skills, trades (occupations), or aspects of nature that people value today?


  • Using Answergarden brainstorm values, ideas, skills, trades,  which are important to our society today. Write down any Ideas that come to mind. 
  • From your list of modern day values, choose one idea to expand upon. You are going to use that word to create a modern day god or superheros. Your immortal could represent a positive or a negative aspect of our society, like “tolerance” or a negative aspect like “pollution.
  • Follow the chart below to describe your character
  1. name of god or superheroe


    god or goddess of …





    physical appearance





5. TASK - Pandora's Box - Pandora's Box is the legendary container of all the evils that poured into the world after its opening. What are the evils  of today society? Try to make yourself a Pandora's box, taking a jar and decorating it so  that it generates much curiosity. Create ten evils of today's society and place them in the box. All evils must be personified and have "eyes" and "wings". Also, one item representing hope for our present-day society must also be placed in the box.

6. TASK - Recreation of Panathenaean Games - Panathenaean Games is an ancient celebration that takes place every four years in Athens in honor of Goddess Athena and it is inspired by the myth of Athena and Poseidon. Still today it retains its relevance.  After reading the information given to you in the page of Panathenaean  recreate and film a part of this ancient feast.  

7. TASK - Our  myth of the 21st century - During this journey into the world of mythology you've got to run into unthinkable situations, you  meet many strange characters. If the myths were set in the modern society how would they be? What would the characters? In what adventures they would come across? What problems would they solve?

Using everything you have learned so far and some of the characters and situations that emerged during the activities, collaborating with members of the international group you belong to,  create your modern myth  setting it in today's society. 


Author: Maria Teresa Carrieri
Last editor: Maria Teresa Carrieri