Travelling with mythology

Classical mythology (Greek and Roman) has always had a profound influence on the evolution of European culture. Poets, writers, artists of all time have found inspiration in the ancient Greeks and Romans myths and poems. This project aims to guide students on a journey, an odyssey and an adventure in the world of classical mythology to discover the...

Project Journal

  • The announcement

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    - Posted by Stella Spanou, 17.02.2016

  • The list


    - Posted by Stella Spanou, 17.02.2016

  • Hello everybody!!! Good news for our project!!!! We are finalists for the European Prizes 2016!
    - Posted by Stella Spanou, 16.02.2016



    - Posted by Stella Spanou, 29.06.2015

  • Voting for our favorite superhero in Nea Redestos...


    - Posted by Stella Spanou, 29.05.2015