After /before: two extraordinary weeks

  •                                          AFTER the first week together, BEFORE the second  week together.

    What we have already done  is now transforming  in an unforgettable souvenir; what we are going to do is becoming a hope of living an extraordinary experience again.

    This is the common feeling when, at the age of 13-14, you work on a project which involves all the aspects of being human: emotional, spiritual, mental and physical.

    The twinning experience is perfectly integrated in what is commonly called competence of civil living and creating relationships as European citizens. The situation of exchanging experiences with a partner that somebody else has chosen for you among all the others, (after a long period of observations and analysis of personalities), a partner who you are offering everything you have, is something that will change you forever. In this period students are "forced" to become openminded, tolerant, curious, patient, generous; they are learning how to accept the value of diversity as a great resource, they feel completely in harmony inside the group. It's completely different to any other school experience and each student has to do his/her best to fulfil the aims of our project.

    I want to say thank you to the Spanish teacher Mariìa Jesùs Nunez who trusted me and soon helped me, teacher Carla who helped in the organization of activities in Italy and the meetings with students and parents, teacher Monica who helped me in the analysis of students' profiles in order to decide the right couples of students (matches).

    Our week was great and based especially on the importance of sport, open air activities with friends, the use of language.

    Now in 9 days we will fly to Lisboa and from there our 18 students will go to live something special in Badajoz. They will realize that friendship doesn't know barriers of any kind, it's easy to consolidate because you just need time to stay together and things to share, walking and enjoying open air activities and group cooperation. 

    This is the school we love!!!

    Good luck to all the students involved in a e-twinning project.