1. Presentation

  • Who we are

    One Secondary school from Seville (Spain), IES Punta del Verde, and two schools from Rome (Italy), ICS Giuseppe Montezemolo and IIS Via delle Sette Chiese, united  by an Erasmus+ KA219 project about language and culture.






    Our project


    It is the Erasmus+ project number 2017-1-ES01-KA219-038201_1. Our project is mainly based on an exchange of students' experiences in learning and teachers' methodologies among the schools, in order to discover each other's culture and language, improving at the same time their knowledge of English.


    Our aim

    Our aim is to improve our students' competence in the English language as well as their knowledge of the history and culture of both cities and their common heritage. We also want to help them develop their digital competence as a means of acquiring more autonomy in their learning process. Through these exchanges we help them to be more tolerant and understanding towards other cultures and ways of living.