An amazing adventure through two patrimonial cities: Rome and Seville

The project aims to share the cultural heritage of the cities of Rome and Seville. This project represents the starting point of an Eramus+ K219 which has been awarded to the three participating schools: IES Punta del Verde, Istituto G Montezemolo and ISS Via delle Sette Chiese. In the platform we will work to develop the activities the students ha...

Project Journal

  • On 11th June, It was announced a photo contest about photographs taken in both mobilities by IES Punta del Verde. It will be also organized soon by our partners.


    - Posted by Begoña Canivell, 11.06.2018

  • On 1st June we had the performance in Alameda Theatre of the play "Miles gloriosus" or "the braggart soldier" by Plautus. Our students of 1st ESO who had the exchange with ICS Montezemolo, together with other classmates, performed the play like real actors and actresses. It was really amazing!
    Here you can see some photos




    - Posted by Begoña Canivell, 03.06.2018

  • From 9th to 16th May, we are celebrating Europe's Day (68 years of the EU) at IES Punta del Verde with an exhibition about several European countries with works made by our students of all levels. Our students of 1st ESO have prepared Italy contents and here you can see a fotograph.


    - Posted by Begoña Canivell, 09.05.2018

  • Another video of the Spanish play

    - Posted by Begoña Canivell, 26.04.2018

  • Here it is a video about an activity in Carmona (Seville)

    - Posted by Begoña Canivell, 26.04.2018