An amazing adventure through two patrimonial cities: Rome and Seville

The project aims to share the cultural heritage of the cities of Rome and Seville. This project represents the starting point of an Eramus+ K219 which has been awarded to the three participating schools: IES Punta del Verde, Istituto G Montezemolo and ISS Via delle Sette Chiese. In the platform we will work to develop the activities the students ha...

Project Journal

  • There was also a cultural contest with three winners


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  • The performance of "Miles Gloriosus" by Plautus was a success. You can see several videos in


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  • The second mobility of the project took place from 9th to 15th April. The Italian students went to Seville to continue the activities related to the Roman age. The students from the three schools visited several Roman sites in Carmona, Bolonia (Cádiz) and Italica. They also visited other monuments in the capital of Andalusia, like the cathedral, Giralda and City Council. They went to museums, watched a performance, worked in presentations and drawings and participated in a cultural contest. They also enjoyed the "Feria" that started the day before returning home.

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  • There are also videos of the performance of Julius Caesar by the students of ICS Montezemolo. All these videos are in our youtube channel
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  • There are videos of the cultural contest in Rome. Here you can see one.

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