Erasmus + KA219    Strategic Partnerships for Schools Only

    Cooperation for innovation and the Exchange of good practices

     (ERASMUS + KA219  PROJECT 2017-1-ES01-KA219-037817)

    2017-2019      24 months        

    Through this project we want to promote a common European consciousness around the issue of immigration in our schools, raising awareness for our students that immigration could be an advantage rather than a drawback.

    The main objective of this project is the integration of immigrant students in the classrooms of our schools.

    The main target groups are immigrant students and students at risk of social exclusion. We work with children from 3 to 12 years and will involve 7 kindergarten and primary schools, from Bulgaria, Spain, Estonia, Romania and Turkey, with teachers from different specialties.

    We will create different activities with the dual objective of raising awareness among immigrant students about their integration, and national students about showing hospitality and inclusion toward immigrant students. Students will be at the forefront of the projects, developing their creativity, responsibility, and autonomy.


    - A tourist brochure: Students become promoters of their city. To do this, they need to search, design, write and illustrate a brochure.

    -  Our photo album and tale about our countries: we upload meaningful photos about our countries, our cities, our school, etc. with a brief commentary. Partner students create online albums. Then cooperatively, students will create an online story.

    - Our Calendar: we present values of each society, customs, languages, ceremonies, giving special importance to the present and reflect our current society. These calendars may be advertised and promoted by our communities, for social purposes or for a non-profit immigration assistance organization.

    - Photographic reports on the activities and programs carried out in partner schools. : teaching and proposing new methodologies and good practices for innovation and improvement in our schools.

    - Documentary Film: Produce a "real movie" with our students. Students will interview immigrants who will share their stories and difficulties encountered during their journey, how they have been integrated, what opportunities they were given in the host country, thereby promoting awareness of the issues surranding immigration, active citizenship and a united European vision.

    We expect to involve the maximum possible pupils in our schools and high quality results that reflect the collaborative effort of the students and their good use of appropriate tools and software.

    We will use ICT as a platform to share our products which will facilitate the scaffolding, development and monitoring of our project, This material will be uploaded to our blogs and our TwinSpace.

    We must look for products requiring communication, interaction and knowledge transfer between the members. The work will be set by a coordinated team.

    We already work cooperatively to find solutions for the integration of immigrants, as well as other foreign students, in our schools. We create and institutionalize protocols in our schools to provide efficient responses to immigration.

    Coordination, cooperation and interaction should be the strengths of this project.

    We will have an initial preparatory visit with the school coordinators where we will lay out the planning programme for the following two years. After that we will have six transnational meetings, one in each partner country, in order to control and monitor.

    We will have six short-term joint staff training events where we will have presentations about education system and current situation in each country. Teachers will have a training course to elaborate our products. Finally staff will visit an NGO or an Immigrant centre in order to know its current situation.

    We will have the opportunity to share experiences with professionals from other countries and to disseminate our entire educational community and local community.

    The final products of our project will become part of school resources. Our products will be available from our schools websites and our TwinSpace.

    We hope these outcomes change our curriculum and achieve the values below:

    - Improve our teaching methods.

    - Improve the coexistence in our schools.

    - Promote innovation and training in our teachers.

    - Improve the quality of education in our schools.

    - Promote to create new European projects.

    - Create school actuation protocols.