OOU Vlado Tasevski

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    Hello to everyone!

    I am Violeta Panev from OOU Vlado Tasevski  School, Skopje, Macedonia (FYR). It is s a central city school of Compulsory Primary Education (9 years, ages 5
    The school programme is divided into three parts 
    t.i. teaching periods according to the educational system (I part  1-3 grade, II part 4-6 grade and the III part 7-9 grade) It currently has 58  teachers and above 900 students from the neighbour and central area.
    classrooms are situated on 3 floors, half of which are equipped with computers and whiteboard, some electronic devices and some projectors available teachers and students to be used.  The school is recognized as being quite successful with a long history for over a half century earning many national and international awards in the subject fields studied at all levels and national and international projects.
    The logo of the school represents classmates, friends who are different but equal in the educational process, having fun and collaboration at the same time in the school and extra -curricular activities.
    I hope we can share a lof of experiences together.