project overview

  • The basic aim of the project is:

    to sensitize students to become active citizens on the sustainable development goals.

    Students acquire a deeper understanding of the opportunities and the challenges that come up in a sustainable community.

    Students will develop skills on: 

    analyzing, planning, implementing, communicating, critically thinking

    Students become agents of influence and change.


    This is a collaboration between

    Lycée Professionnel Privé Jean Monnet, St Symphorien sur Coise France and 

    1st Vocational Lyceum of Ierapetra ( EPAL ), Ierapetra Greece


    A step by step guide in the activities

    our teams

    students introduce themselves in a padlet

    1. what sustainability looks like?

    in the classroom: photolangage

    in the twinspace: using dotstorming

    2. debating about sustainability

    in the classroom: GroDebat

    in the twinspace: using tricider

    3. How green are you?

    a. we add missing questions and options in a questionnaire in this forum

    b. we use the questionnaire 

    in this google form

     and we analyze/ compare the results

    in this page

    4. we map our area on 4 elements

    • agri-food
    • energy
    • economy
    • education

    with multinational students’ teams

    students take photos and write short texts

    defining if it’s “sustainable or not”

    in this padlet

    With these photos we create a quiz in the end

    5. what more can we do?


    Teams will create – act for sustainability, on whatever students decide

    final product: an e-book about Zoe

    it will contain all students’ work