• who knows about our project?

    We sent an email to the Greek representative of the United Nations Regional Information Center.

    We have connected our project with the #TeachSDG Global ambassador Guy Hamlin in USA and his SDG posters project

    (you can enlarge the map and see our connected schools in Greece and France)

    and here is the poster that Mr Hamlin and his students have sent to us.

    We talk about what we do in the cllassroom in greek, in the blog "Η ιστορία μιας ζώνης" blog sch.gr

    We are posting in the website sporakia.eu

    We are participating in the "Μαθητική Εβδομάδα Δράσης- Πλανήτης 2030" (students' action week- planet 2030) run by actionaid.gr

    with this leaflet

    Here is the publicity they gave in social media 

    and here in their website

    We have aknowledged one of our actions to the non-profit organization PlasticFreeGreece

    Publicity in the french school

    We presented the project during an event on school projects, organized by the Parents' Assosiation of Ierapetra.

    During 3 days we exhibited all the materials that students had created and we distributed the leaflets of the project.
    Dimitra is expaining to young children why we made the poster about plastic pollution.


    We presented the project to the school community (students, teachers, parents)



    We presented the project in an eTwinning Live event organized by the SENSE group,


    as an example of etwinning  project on sustainability.




    The article about our project in the website of Lycée Jean Monnet 


    Post in the facebook page of Lycée Jean Monnet 


    We presented the project and some activities, in a workshop/TeachMeet session that was organized during the eTwinning Conference in Warsaw (25 to 27-10-2018).