5a. Let's create our fitness programme

  • You are going to create a fitness programme in international groups.

    We have 7 groups so each group will be a day of the week. All your work will be compiled to create a fitness ebook.

    Team 1 : Monday

    Team 2 : Tuesday

    Team 3 : Wednesday

    Team 4 : Thursday

    Team 5 : Friday

    Team 6 : Saturday

    Team 7 : Sunday

    Each team works in international team :

    Go to Forum and exchange with your partners on your cooking recipes, suggest some menus and give some recipes. You must  establish a programme on excercices you must do every day to keep fit.


    To sum up all your ideas from the forum you are going to use the tool "Smore"

    Use the account created for your team, click on log in


    • email address Team 1 : healthy.monday@mailinator.com
    • email address Team 2 : healthy.tuesday@mailinator.com
    • email address Team 3 : healthy.wednesday@mailinator.com
    • email address Team 4: healthy.thursday@mailinator.com
    • email address Team5 : healthy.life@mailinator.com
    • email address Team 6 : healthy.saturday@mailinator.com
    • email address Team 7 : healthy.sunday@mailinator.com

    ------> Password is the same for every account : etwinning

    So we need 4 leaflets of each day of the week in order to create a fitness programme for a month. Use what is best from the forum.

    On each leaflet we must have the following information, be careful don't repeat the same information; you have to see what your partners has already done:

    • The day (Monday, Tuesday,....)
    • A suggestion for breakfast
    • A suggestion for lunch (starter, main dish, dessert, drink)
    • A suggestion for dinner
    • Some exercice that must be done + time for each exercice

    Choose the format and the style you want.

    Download the leaflet in the forum in your Leaflet group + your number