1. Let's know each other

  • Welcome to our project.

    Let's start and introduce ourselves

    1st activity :

                         ------------>  Fill in your profile and add an avatar or a photo of you if you want.

    2nd activity:

                         -------------> Write a little text about you ( age, how you look like, nationality, family, what you study, what you like and don't like) and post it on the Padlet below. Don't write your name but a number.

                         -------------> Then choose an image or more images which represents what you like and post it in the Padlet and write your name. If you have more than one photos you can make a photocollage.You can use these tools Photocollage or Pic-collage or Collage Maker

                         -------------> Read the posts and look at the photos and try to find who is who and write a comment below the description to tell what you find.

    HELP : To write on the Padlet, double click anywhere or click on the pink buttom in the bottom right hand corner

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    On this Padlet put your photo collage of the illustration of your post above

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